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How Can I Prepare My Skin for Summer Weather?

Many people consider summer to be their favorite time of the year. They love grilling outdoors in the yard and traveling with friends on weekend road trips.

However, you must take the necessary measures to protect your skin. The scorching sun and hot weather can definitely take a toll. Here are a few important tips to keep in mind.

Always Wear Sunscreen

During the summertime, a lot of people look forward to getting a tan. However, the sun’s powerful UV rays can cause permanent damage to your skin. Unprotected UV exposure also puts you more at risk of developing skin cancer later in life. In fact, research shows that around 90 percent of skin cancer cases stem from being in the sun.

Make it a point to wear sunscreen on an everyday basis. Even individuals with dark complexions must protect their skin. If you plan to be outdoors for long periods of time, don’t forget to reapply sunscreen. Most formulas tend to lose their protective properties after around 90 minutes.

Drink Lots of Water

In order to thrive, you must consume enough fresh water. Because your body tends to perspire a lot more during the summer, there’s a greater chance of dehydration. The skin definitely needs an adequate amount of water. When a person becomes dehydrated, their skin will begin to look noticeably drier. Because dry skin isn’t as elastic, fine lines and wrinkles will be more visible. Keep an eye on the color of your urine. Dark urine is a key indicator of dehydration. According to some experts, you should aim to drink at least a gallon of water per day. Try to stay away from sodas and other sugary drinks.

Exfoliate Weekly

It’s a good idea for men and women to exfoliate their skin on a regular basis. This important practice will help the skin to stay looking fresh and supple for years to come. Exfoliation effectively removes dead cells on the outer surface, which can give your skin a dull appearance. It also helps your skin to absorb moisturizers.

When choosing an exfoliant, be sure to pick one that suits your specific skin type. For example, individuals who have acne will need a product that caters to breakouts. You should also use a gentler exfoliant on your face. The skin on your body tends to be a lot tougher.

Get Plenty of Rest

There’s no overlooking the importance of rest. Failing to get enough sleep at night will eventually begin to show in your appearance. When you’re sleep-deprived, the quality of your skin suffers greatly. It accelerates the aging process. Your cells aren’t able to properly rebuild and repair. Some of the tell-tale signs of sleep deprivation include dark circles, bags under the eyes, and saggy skin. Although you shouldn’t overdo it by staying in bed all day, try to get at least eight hours of sleep.

To ensure a good night’s rest, avoid consuming alcohol and caffeine in the evening. These substances tend to linger in your bloodstream for longer than you may think.

Watch Your Diet

Maintaining a good diet should be a top priority throughout the year. However, the summer can entice you to eat some unhealthy foods like hot dogs and funnel cakes. While devouring a few treats won’t pose any harm, try to avoid consuming poor foods on a regular basis. Diets rich in grease and sugar are bad news for your skin.

During the summer, you can certainly take advantage of locally grown fruits and vegetables. Some of the healthiest summer foods include tart cherries, watermelons, corn, tomatoes, and blackberries. While fried chicken is a favorite among many people, it’s not a good choice. Grilled chicken is far better for your health.

Stay Active

While lounging at home on a hot day, it’s easy to become a couch potato. The air conditioning can feel incredibly relaxing at times. Nevertheless, don’t become too comfortable with just lying around.

Working out is an important aspect of staying in good health. It also helps you to have glowing skin. Exercising promotes better blood flow and improved oxygen circulation. Your body will be more effective at repairing damaged tissue. While simply jogging around your neighborhood will get your heart pumping, you can also try other fun activities like hiking and beach volleyball.

Folks who prefer staying inside can also remain active. Video game systems, such as the Wii Fit Plus, allow you to train at home.

Learn How to Treat Bug Bites

The summer causes insects to come out in full force. From wasps to mosquitoes, there are a lot of annoying pests you may encounter. Despite the itchiness of a bug bite, you should avoid scratching it at all costs. Not only will scratching damage your skin, but it also increases the likelihood of an infection. Your best bet is to apply a watery mixture of baking soda to the inflamed area. The itchiness and pain should quickly begin to subside. You can also purchase a hydrocortisone cream for just a few bucks at the supermarket.

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