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How Can I Turn Old Clothes Into Cash?

Unless you’re a minimalist with a capsule wardrobe, you probably have extra clothes in your closet that you never wear. So during your next closet cleanout, make sure you do not throw away your items. The BBC reports that the average American throws away around 37kg of clothes each year, which has serious environmental consequences. Minimize your impact by selling your clothes instead. You can learn how to do this with an online search.

Rather than throwing things away, why not make money on your old clothes instead? A search online will show the various websites that can help you rid of clothes in a more ethical way.

Here are three platforms that can help you turn old clothes into cash.


To encourage sustainable shopping among fashion lovers, ThredUp sells a wide range of used clothing on its website. It allows customers to shop recognizable brands, such as J.Crew, Zara, Nike, and tons more, without needing to break the bank. Through ThredUp, customers can save up to 90 percent on the estimated retail value.

Selling your clothing to Thread Up is really easy. All you have to do is request a free clean out kit. Fill up the kit with your gently used clothing and then send it back to ThredUp through FedEx or USPS. When eligible items of yours are sold, you get cash back or shopping credit towards ThredUp.

Moreover, ThreadUp’s warehouses can process up to 100,000 items daily. This means your items could end up on the website and in the hands of a new owner sooner than later.

Pricing is determined by the brand, seasonality, and quality of the item. The following breakdown is how much money you can get if your items sell on ThredUp:

You will receive payments on each sold item after a 14 day return window. If your items do not sell, you can reclaim eligible items within the last week of its 60- or 90-day consignment window.


Poshmark is a social marketplace with over 70 million users in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. It’s a site that’s made over 200 million sales. In fact, one purchase is made through the app every second in the U.S. Through Poshmark, people are able to buy and sell their clothing secondhand to make a profit.

To get started, simply download the Poshmark app and create a free account. You can list an item you want to get rid of for sale in just 60 seconds. All you need to do is add images, put a description, and set the price. Once you make a sale, Poshmark provides you with a pre-paid and pre-addressed label, so you can easily ship your item from home.

There are some fees you should know about when selling items. Poshmark takes a flat commission of $2.95 on sales under $15 and a 20 percent commission on sales of $15 or more. You keep the balance, which can be withdrawn as cash or used as credit within the app.

People can browse items they’re looking for based on category or brand. Users can also attend virtual shopping parties that are themed or selling certain brands, which could help your target customers find your items for sale.


Those looking to sell authentic designer fashion should check out Tradesy. Through this platform, you can sell pre-owned bags, accessories, shoes, and clothing. Considering Tradesy is the largest peer-to-peer luxury platform in the U.S., sellers have earned a collective one billion dollars to date

Once your item sells, Tradesy will send you a free shipping kit. It comes with a prepaid, pre-addressed label and high-end packaging.

Tradesy deducts a flat commission fee from your sales. The platform takes a $7.50 commission on items sold for less than $50 and a $19.80 percent commission rate on items that sell for more than $50. You can withdraw your earrings using Paypal, a debit card, or ACH transfer.

Sell Your Clothes Online Now

Don’t let your gently used clothing go unused in your closet. Sell it to buying customers who will give it a new life. You can make a profit and it’s a more eco-conscious way of getting rid of old items. There are many platforms that can help get your clothes into the hands of interested buyers. Just search online to compare the various platforms available to use and start selling.

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