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How Do I Keep My New Year’s Resolution?

With 2020 almost here, millions of Americans will be trying to make some big changes in their life.

Research shows around 60 percent of people will make getting fit their New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, many of these individuals will eventually forget about their goals at some point. To help, here is how to make good on your New Year’s resolutions.

Keep It Realistic

To successfully fulfill any New Year’s resolution, you must keep your ambitions realistic. Setting the bar too high makes you far more likely to fail or quit.

For example, you may be looking to improve your finances. While you can realistically earn more money every month, don’t expect to suddenly become one of the richest people in the world.

Some accomplishments must be achieved gradually. It’s a good idea to keep this same mindset when trying to lose weight.

Plan Ahead

To reach your goals, you need a good plan. Don’t wait until the last minute to make a resolution.

As we approach the New Year, you should already be thinking about your objectives. When you aren’t busy, take some time out to jot down your goals. Visually seeing your goals makes you more determined to act.

Try to be as vivid as possible. According to a study, people who vividly describe their goals on paper are 1.4 times likely to succeed.

Have an Outline

An outline goes hand in hand with a plan. After you have a solid outline in place, you’ll have an easier time accomplishing your New Year’s resolution. While you should always stay focused on the big picture, don’t forget about the gradual steps it takes to be successful.

Pros and Cons List

Committing to a New Year’s resolution often requires a great deal of compromise. You will need to make at least a few sacrifices in your life. Therefore, having a pros and cons list is so important.

Everyone who has a goal needs to know the long-term benefits of achieving it. For instance, getting in shape will boost your self-confidence and improve your overall health. On the other hand, working out requires you to invest some extra time. To even fit an exercise regimen into your hectic schedule, you may need to get up earlier in the morning.

Share It

Some people like to keep their New Year’s resolutions private. While you don’t need to tell the world about your goals, don’t be afraid to share them with your family and friends. Believe it or not, these individuals can help with your resolutions. The extra motivation can help push you to the top.

In the event you start to fall off track, someone needs to hold you accountable. You definitely don’t want to disappoint your biggest supporters.

Reward Yourself

Trying to successfully carry out a New Year’s resolution shouldn’t be a dreadful experience.

After completing a stage in your ladder of success, don’t hesitate to reward yourself. However, make sure your reward doesn’t put you at risk of encountering a setback.

For example, your new diet may restrict you from eating certain foods. Treating yourself to a full-course buffet probably isn’t the best approach. Instead, enjoy a night out on the town with your friends.

Check-In on Progress

It’s definitely a wise approach to monitor your progress. Keep a close eye on your short-term targets. Nothing beats knowing exactly where you stand on your road to greatness.

Don’t worry about how close you are from your achieving your ultimate goal. The point of checking-in is to examine whether you need to make any adjustments to your plan.

To find the most effective workout regimen, it’s common for people to try various different exercises. What works great for one person may not be useful for the next.

Allow for Missteps

Never focus on being mistake-free. Regardless of your New Year’s resolution, you’re bound to have at least a few missteps along the way. Demanding perfection from you will ultimately cause trouble.

If you do happen to make a mistake, don’t beat yourself. Use your blunder as a learning tool.

Striving to always do your best will help you to overcome any slip-ups.

Make It a Habit

As they say, old habits are hard to break. The same adage also applies to good habits. Once you start doing a certain activity regularly, it’ll eventually become second nature.

Sometimes buying a subscription and/or membership can help make habits. Since you don’t want your money to go to waste, you’ll be more likely to take part in a particular activity. For instance, gym memberships and meal subscriptions can help make healthy living a habit.

While it takes some people as little as 18 days to form a habit, it’ll take others several months. Maintaining a patient mindset is of the utmost importance.

Restart as Needed

After failing to see any immediate results, many people simply put their New Year’s resolution on the backburner. Over time, they’ll eventually forget about it. If this happens, you may be forced to go back to the drawing board.

After a big setback, dust yourself off and restart. Success is rarely an overnight thing.

In Conclusion

Now is the time to start preparing your New Year’s resolution. Regardless of your present situation, you have a great opportunity to change for the better.

Whether you’re looking to get in great shape or change careers, anything is possible with a determined mindset.

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