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Is It Cheaper to Order Razors Online?

It’s no secret that buying razors is expensive. A pack of razor blades for your favorite razor can cost upwards of $20 – and every time you need to refill, you’re paying a significant price.

Fortunately, the internet is letting new companies change this. And these new companies are offering you the chance to save big on razors and razor blades, adding convenience to their rock-bottom prices.

Today, you don’t even need to leave home to refill your razor. With new online shave clubs, you can have everything you need delivered right to your door for as little as a few dollars. And if you’re interested in saving money on your shaving needs, here are the brands and companies you need to know.

Dollar Shave Club

The original online shave club, Dollar Shave Club changed the razor business when it introduced low-cost razors and replacement blades that could be ordered online and automatically refilled every month.

Customers love Dollar Shave Club because it’s incredibly affordable and risk-free. You can try out the razors and other products before committing to a membership. And even when you become a member, you’ll get a discount on all full-size products, set your own delivery frequency and timing, a 100 percent money-back guarantee, and can cancel your membership at any time.

What You Get for Your Money: To sign up with Dollar Shave Club, you’ll pay just $5 for a Starter Set, which includes a razor, 4 razor cartridges, and a trial-size tube of shave butter. From there, you’ll pay $3 for a set of 5 razor cartridges, or $0.60 per razor refill.


If you don’t want the commitment of an online shave club, Harry’s offers affordable razors and razor blades that offer excellent quality. Harry’s lets you give their products a try and refill at your leisure, letting you set the schedule without any kind of membership or financial commitment.

And customers love Harry’s quality blades. Each razor blade features 5 individual blades and a lubricating strip, giving you a closer, smoother shave. With a flexible blade and a specially designed protective case, you’ll also be able to make your refills last longer without sacrificing shave quality.

What You Get for Your Money: To get started with Harry’s, you’ll choose your preferred shave set: the $15 Truman set or the $25 Winston set. When you’re ready to reorder and refill your razor, you can choose a set of 4 blades for $2.25 per blade, 8 blades for $2 per blade, or 16 blades for $1.88 per blade.


Dorco may be a less well-known online razor source, but it isn’t skimping on savings or quality. From disposable razors to specially designed shaving products for men and women, you’ll find it all online with Dorco. To slash the price of its razors, Dorco eliminates all of the extras: no commercials, no advertising, and no online influencing. And you’ll get the very same quality of razors as you’ll find at your local drugstore for a much higher price. This online razor retailer keeps its overhead low in order to pass on savings to customers.

One of the biggest perks of Dorco is that there’s no commitment. Unlike other shave clubs and online razor resources, you don’t have to sign up for a subscription – you simply order whenever you’re ready for more razor blades.

What You Get for Your Money: To get started, you’ll choose which Dorco razor is the best fit for you. Starter sets range from $4 to $8.95 for one razor and one extra cartridge. When you’re ready to refill your razor, you can choose refill cartridges for as little as $5.50 for a 4-pack, or $1.38 per cartridge.

Gillette On Demand Shave Club

As one of the biggest razor companies in the world, you’re likely no stranger to Gillette and its shaving products. However, you’re probably most familiar with Gillette’s high store prices. But not everyone realizes that Gillette offers a money-saving subscription service: the Gillette On Demand Shave Club.

This is your opportunity to get your favorite Gillette shaving products at a lower price, all without having to leave home. You can text your order or place it online, and once you’re subscribed you’ll have razor blade refills automatically delivered to you. You can cancel anytime or change your plan, setting the frequency and type of blades you’re getting. And you’ll get to save a significant amount off your favorite razors without committing to a long-term contract.

What You Get for Your Money: Gillette offers $3 off your first order, which will equip you with a razor and 4 blade refills for $7 to $17. When you’re in need of a refill, you can get a set of blade refills for $10 or $20 – and every 4th order you make after subscribing is 100 percent free. That brings the cost of each blade refill down to either $2 or $4.

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