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What Are the 5 Best Job Sites?

If you’re currently searching for a job, you know the time and energy that this takes. You may think that you’re the perfect fit for a job only to receive a prompt rejection. Showing up for an interview and sitting in the waiting room next to several competitors takes courage. If you’re struggling just to find jobs that fit your skills, you’re the ideal candidate for online job sites.

A job site is a website that collects job listings in one convenient place. Some sites are dedicated to specific fields, but most are open to all fields. They help employers find quality job applicants in less time, and they’re a goldmine of information for job seekers.

If you don’t know where to find the best job sites, keep reading to learn about some of the most reputable and dependable options.

1. Indeed

Searching for a job online doesn’t get much easier than searching through Indeed. The site features hundreds of thousands of jobs, and the listings are always changing as new jobs are added throughout the day. It’s estimated that nearly 10 jobs are added to the site every second. The site has a bare-bones layout that allows you to enter search terms and a zip code or city with matching job listings delivered instantly.

There are over 100 million resumes stored on Indeed, and the site receives an estimated 200 million visitors each month. Job applicants can rate and review their past employers, so you can see what others have to say about an employer before you apply for a job that they post.

Indeed makes it easy to upload your resume and complete a profile, which makes applying for some positions through the site faster. You can also set up notifications for specific keywords so that you receive an email whenever new jobs are listed. Indeed is always free for job searchers.

2. Glassdoor

This site is a wealth of information if you want to know what current and past employees have to say about an employer, but it’s also one of the most popular job listing sites available today. What makes it different from other sites is the level of background information that it stores on employers.

There are millions of employer reviews available to all job seekers for free, and you can even investigate reported salaries and see pictures of the work environment for some companies. Just keep in mind that this information is entered by everyday people willing to share what they know about their current or past employers. You can expect to see a mix of positive and negative reviews for most employers. Employers are also encouraged to post an extended company profile to provide official information.

There are hundreds of thousands of jobs available on Glassdoor at any moment. The listings are instantly updated when a new job is entered. Searching for jobs is fast and easy from the homepage. Just enter keywords related to your search plus your zip code or city. Results are displayed instantly and searching for jobs is always free.

3. CareerBuilder

If you’re ready to launch an international job search, this is possibly the site for you. CareerBuilder has been in operation for more than 20 years and has helped millions of people find employment. The job search function is easy to use and works just like most other job sites. You enter keywords related to the job that you want to find plus a zip code, city, or country to narrow down your search results. There are thousands of jobs featured on the site at any given time.

CareerBuilder works closely with companies of all sizes to help them identify their human resource needs and find suitable candidates for open positions quickly. Their recruiting services often attract companies that don’t advertise jobs through other sites, so you might want to check this site daily even if you prefer the simpler layout of other sites.

One of the newest features is the RightSkill program. CareerBuilder partnered with Capella Learning to provide education opportunities that prepare job seekers for specific positions. Those job seekers are later recommended to companies in need of employees with the skills learned. The goal is to train the workforce for skills that are currently in demand.

4. SnagAJob

Often referred to simply as Snag, this site is dedicated to positions that pay hourly. Most of the jobs featured are with companies in the following industries:

  1. Hospitality
  2. Restaurant
  3. Retail
  4. Health Care

If you’re looking for a salary position or you want a job outside of the United States, you will get better results through CareerBuilder or Indeed. Snag is limited to hourly positions within the U.S., but there are thousands of jobs listed at any time. The site is easy to use, and you can apply for most positions without leaving the site.

Snag is always free for job seekers. This is a great place to find part-time jobs, after-school jobs, and entry level positions when switching careers. Each job listing clearly states the hourly compensation for the position.

5. ZipRecruiter

If you’re tired of sending out resumes or filling out applications and never hearing back, this is your ideal site. It’s designed to make applying for jobs easier by keeping you informed of your status. Once you apply for a job, you will receive notification each time your application is viewed, or other actions are taken by the employer. It’s designed to work through a computer or mobile device, so it’s perfect for those with a busy lifestyle.

There are millions of jobs listed on ZipRecruiter at any given time, and this includes work-from-home, telecommute, and remote positions. The jobs fall into many different fields and are offered by companies of all sizes. Many job seekers report landing their first jobs on this site, and there is a job listing category titled “no experience.”

Job seeker accounts are always free at ZipRecruiter. You can search for jobs using keywords and location details, and results are delivered instantly.

How to Get Started

Most job sites allow you to upload your resume and fill out a profile. This allows you to quickly apply for most jobs presented on the site, though some employers will require you to apply in person or through their website. In most cases, employers will have the option of browsing profiles, so employers can come to you.

Once your profile is complete and your resume uploaded, start searching the job site for keywords related to the job that you want to find. You can also search for generic terms like “part time” or “seasonal” with your zip code.

While you will notice a lot of the same jobs listed on multiple job sites, it’s worth your time to use at least a couple job sites. Checking the sites at least once a day and applying to positions of interest immediately will give you the best chance of finding a job quickly.

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