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What Are the Best Hotels in Paris for Indians on Holiday?

Paris is one of the top international destinations to visit on holiday. Filled with history, art, different cultures, and incredible food, there’s plenty to experience. Indians are starting to flock to the city, thanks to its growing Indian community and new focus on multicultural offerings.

And, as more and more Indians travel to Paris for holidays, the city will only become increasingly welcoming. Paris has already seen an increase, with nearly 200,000 more Indian visitors traveling to the city since 2016.

If you’re considering taking a holiday to Paris, you’ll want to stay somewhere that’s close to the amenities, activities, and foods you enjoy. The following are a few of the best hotel options for Indians traveling to Paris.

Hotel Formule 1

Benefits for Indian Travelers

The Hotel Formule 1 is a part of the Accor group of hotels, offering budget-friendly rooms throughout France. And Hotel Formule 1 location is easily accessible from the Paris Metro, near a station that can take you around the city and even directly to and from the airport. You’ll have easy access to travel the city, no matter where you’re headed.


Hotel Formule 1 offers rooms that can fit two to three guests. They aren’t fancy at this budget hotel, but they do include shared toilet and shower facilities, two double beds or a double and one bunk bed, and TVs with plenty of satellite channels. In the hotel lobby, you’ll enjoy vending machines with hot and cold drinks, cakes and snacks, and even microwaveable meals.


Rooms start at 33€ per night for a single room with space for up to three. If you’d like, you can include a daily breakfast in your reservation for 4 to 5€ per person, per day.

Hotel Premiere Classe

Benefits for Indian Travelers

The Hotel Premiere Class is another budget-friendly chain that’s perfect for Indian visitors on holiday. If you’re looking for a hotel that’s a step up from Hotel Formule 1, the Hotel Premiere Classe offers more privacy. Additionally, the hotel is located in the Paris suburbs, giving you a quieter atmosphere with more access to local culture.


All rooms at the Hotel Premiere Class include private bathrooms (including private showers). Located just outside the city limits, you’ll enjoy easy access to local Parisian transport. Throughout the hotel, vending machines with hot and cold drinks, cakes, and snacks are available. Staff speak both French and English for easy communication.


Rooms range between 29 and 52€ per night for one to three persons. A buffet breakfast can be included in your stay for about 5€ per day, per person.

Ibis Paris Bastille Opera 11th Hotel

Benefits for Indian Travelers

Located in the incredible historical center of Paris, the Ibis Paris Bastille Opera 11th Hotel is right near the banks of the River Seine. This means it’s perfectly situated near the metro, which gives Indian travelers easy access to many popular attractions, like Notre Dame, the Louvre, and the Champs Elysées. You’re just 10 minutes and a train ride away from delicious restaurants and the best Paris sights.


The Ibis Paris Bastille Opera 11th Hotel is an economy hotel designed for both business and holiday travel. Onsite restaurants make dining easy. Reservations included a covered car park, online check-in, WiFi and internet access, air conditioning, early and late checkout, and even pets allowed.


Room rates in Paris start around 107€ per night for rooms that accommodate from one to four visitors.

Find the Best Hotel for Your Next Paris Holiday

Are you ready to explore the city of Paris on your next holiday? As one of the up and coming vacation destinations for Indians, Paris offers plenty to see, experience, and indulge in – and you need to explore it for yourself. 

But traveling to a new, foreign city can be intimidating. Fortunately, with plenty of convenient, affordable, and varied hotel options within Paris, it’s easy to find the right place to stay. You just need to do your research before deciding on a hotel.

Search for Paris hotels that offer easy access to the sights and destinations you’d like to visit most. From there, you can look for hotels that are located near comforts, like Indian cuisine, cultural centers, or familiar locales. And you can also compare room rates, amenities, and special offers to see what kinds of specials or affordable pricing you can find.

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