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What Are the Top Part-Time Jobs for Retirees?

Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you’ve completely left the workforce. Many retirees end up getting part-time jobs, and 55 percent of American workers expect to continue working in retirement. Whether it be to earn some extra money or wanting to do something productive in their spare time, it’s become normal for retirees to take up jobs after retirement. There are plenty of part-time work opportunities for seniors to try, which you can discover with a search online.

If you’re thinking about picking up a part-time job after retiring, there are a lot of opportunities to consider. And you can find a number of part-time jobs that pay retirees quite well. Search online now to discover part-time job opportunities with great pay.

Here are 10 of the top part-time jobs for retirees.

1. School Bus Driver

Average Salary: $28,860 per year

School bus drivers are essential workers during the school year. You would be responsible for picking up and dropping off students to and from school. Sometimes, you might also be a driver for field trips and school events. Drivers must get a license to drive larger vehicles, a chauffeur’s license, have a clean driving record, and pass standard background checks. You will have to enforce rules on the bus to ensure everyone’s safety and typically be available in the morning and afternoon.

2. Receptionist

Average Salary: $28,895 per year

If you’re organized and enjoy talking to people, then look into receptionist jobs. These professionals spend a lot of time behind the front desk in a variety of industries and are typically in charge of greeting visitors and answering phones. You will spend most of your time behind the desk, which means you won’t have to be on your feet for long periods of time.

3. Cashier

Average Salary: $21,670 per year

Cashiers are responsible for helping customers at check out. Since the job takes place behind a cash register, you would have to spend all your time standing on your feet. It’s low paying compared to other part-time jobs, but you may be given more choice in hours depending on the store you’re working at.

4. Security Guard

Average Salary: $23,809 per year

The duties of a security guard will greatly depend on where you’re hired. Some positions may have you sitting in a room observing security cameras, while another may require you to patrol an assigned area. Additionally, security guards may also be given responsibilities such as public relations, report writing, and first aid.

5. Office Manager

Average Salary: $36,055 per year

If you’re experienced in business, perhaps you’d like to help make one run smoothly by becoming an office manager. These professionals will do a variety of tasks which can include organizing meetings, ordering stationery and supplies, delegating tasks, keeping health and safety policies up to date, dealing with queries, and lots more.

6. Retail Sales Worker

Average Salary: $13 per hour

Those with a knack for sales should consider doing it part-time at one of their favorite stores. You can share your product knowledge with customers to find what they’re looking for, greet customers upon entering the store, and perform upkeep tasks to keep the store presentable. You may also get a store discount and earn commission based on your sales record, depending on the company.

7. Nanny

Average Salary: $15 per hour

You can spend your time caring for babies and young children by becoming a part-time nanny. Tasks will greatly depend on the age of the child and the time of day you’re with then. You might be responsible for getting them ready for school in the morning, helping them get ready for bed, keeping them busy during the day with games and activities, and lots more.

8. Merchandise Displayer

Average Salary: $11.81 per hour

If you have an eye for the way things should look, being a merchandise displayer could be your calling. This job involves being creative and designing displays for retail windows. The purpose is to attract customers into the store and allows you to channel your artistic abilities that makes sense for the retailer.

9. Bookkeeper

Average Salary: $39,193 per year

A bookkeeper is responsible for creating and maintaining financial records. For example, issuing payments to suppliers and invoices to customers. A bookkeeper has less responsibilities than a full charge bookkeeper, which is a position that has sole responsibility of a company’s accounting matters.

10. Housekeeper

Average Salary: $26,544 per year

Homeowners, hotels, hospitals, and businesses are just some of the many places that require regular housekeeping services. While some jobs require deep cleans that can be more physically demanding, other work can be lighter upkeep that’s more manageable for retirees. You can work independently, or join a maid company to determine your part-time hours and clients.

Start Your Job Search Online

There are plenty of part-time jobs that allow seniors to find work based on their interests and skills. The easiest way for you to search and apply for jobs is by doing it online. You’ll be able to browse through job listings and simply upload your resume to apply.

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