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What Low-Cost Cell Phone Plans Are Available for Different Budgets?

Does your cell phone bill cost hundreds of dollars every month? It’s no secret that paying for a cell phone is a costly expense – but it doesn’t have to be that expensive. You could pay a lot less and still get quality, reliable cell service as well as all the features you use daily. There are low-cost cell phone plans available, and you can find them with an online search.

From low-cost providers that piggyback off big-name cell phone carriers’ networks to new carriers with unique pricing structures, there are cheaper options. You can find a cell phone plan that costs you as little as $10 per month. But in order to find these low-priced plans, you need to search online.

You can discover some of the best low-cost cell phone plans available below.

Under $10 Per Month

If you want the lowest-priced plans available, you can actually find cell phone carriers that’ll offer you talk, text, and data for $10 or less per month. Certain carriers offer monthly service for a price that’s shockingly low compared to the average cell phone bill. 


Tello offers customized cell phone plans that are perfect for anyone on a tight budget – or anyone who simply wants to save. You can choose the features and services you need each month, and the options you select determine your monthly bill.

No matter what you choose, Tello’s prices are very affordable. For example, you can opt for the following mix and match plans:

If you’re comfortable cutting back on your monthly minutes and texting even more, you can pay even less. All Tello cell phone plans come with 4G LTE service, free tethering for hotspot creation, and the ability to share your data balance with other devices or friends for free. There’s no contract and no surprise fees, and you can make changes anytime you’d like.


RedPocket is another affordable option if you want to spend $10 or less on your cell phone bill each month. Though RedPocket offers a few plans at budget-friendly price points, one of the best deals is the $10.00 Plan. It includes 500 calling minutes, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of LTE data. And it costs just $10 – no fees, no contracts, and no surprises.

But the perks of this plan don’t end there. You can choose your network when you sign up, and you’ll get a free SIM so you can keep your current phone. You can also keep your current phone number. This cell phone plan offers all the benefits you want without high prices.

$11 to $20 Per Month

If you have a bit more room in your budget, you can opt for a monthly cell phone plan that costs between $11 and $20. There are even more options at this price point than at $10 or less, but the following are two of the most value-packed.

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile is a unique cell phone carrier that’s quickly gaining popularity thanks to its low-priced plans and flexible options. Instead of purchasing a month-by-month plan or a yearlong plan, Mint Mobile offers three-month plans. You play one low price and enjoy affordable service, renewing as you’d like.

And one of the best Mint Mobile plans is the 3 GB plan. It offers 5G cell service and 3 GB of 4G LTE data for just $15 a month – or $45 for three months. Keep in mind that this is an introductory price for new customers, and once your first three months of service end, you’ll pay $75 every three months. Your new plan will come with nationwide coverage, and you can opt to keep your phone number and bring your phone.

Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless offers two great low-priced plans within the $11 and $20 per month price range. Both plans offer great service and good value for your money. You can choose from the following:

You also have the option to save even more by paying for a year’s worth of service upfront. Both plans give you nationwide service and the option to customize your cell service by adding data or additional features for small fees. 

Republic Wireless does work a bit differently than most traditional cell phone carriers. When you sign up, you can either order a new phone or a SIM kit. With a SIM kit, you can keep your current phone. Once your kit arrives, you can easily activate it and choose your plan. With no contract, you’re free to change your plan any time.

$21 to $30 Per Month

If you’re looking for fewer limitations but still don’t want to pay a lot for your cell phone plan, you can find options priced between $21 and $30 per month. These plans offer a moderate level of features, more data, and more choices at a price that’s still budget-friendly.

Ultra Mobile

Ultra Mobile doesn’t offer just one low-cost cell phone plan – there’s actually a whole selection of different options. You can choose a plan that offers everything you need, all without spending more than $30 per month. And that even includes data.

Ultra Mobile offers the following affordable plans:

All of these plans include unlimited nationwide calls and texting, as well as global texting and data. You can call more than 80 different international destinations. You can even use your phone as a mobile hotspot on these budget-friendly plans. And you have the option to bring your own phone and swap out the SIM card to save even more.


If you’re searching for a well-rounded unlimited cell phone plan that gives you a solid amount of data, you’ll want to turn to AirVoice. This cell phone carrier offers an array of unlimited plans, all of which cost less than $100 per month.

For the best value and most bang for your buck, you’ll want to consider the Best Value and Economical plans. The Best Value plan is priced at just $20 per month and drops to $18 per month if you sign up for autopay; it includes 3 GB of data and unlimited talk and text. The Economical plan costs $30 per month, or $27 per month if you choose autopay. It gives you 6 GB of data and unlimited talk and text.

You can also upgrade your plan or add on features and data if you’d like. 

Find the Right Cell Phone for Your Budget Online

If you’re looking to save money on your cell phone bill, it’s time to make a change. You can switch carriers and find a service provider that’s much cheaper. You can even get more flexibility and all of the features you love, all while paying far less each month.

But you have to do your research if you want to save. You need to search online and compare different low-priced cell phone carriers and plans. Consider their features, their benefits, and their overall value to make sure you’re paying for what you need without sacrificing.

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