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Where Can I Buy Ethically Sourced Lab Diamonds?

Buying diamond jewelry of any kind is a significant financial investment. On average, buying a diamond ring will cost you between $3,500 and $5,000 – so you need to make sure the diamonds you’re choosing are well worth their price. However, mined diamonds come with dark, dangerous, and unethical backgrounds. That’s why increasingly more people are choosing lab diamonds over traditional diamonds. Search online to find lab-grown diamonds that are affordable and ethical.

Lab diamonds are just as stunning as mined diamonds, and they’re pretty much identical in quality and composition. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission is even eliminating the word “natural” from diamond definitions because lab-created diamonds share the same visual, physical, and chemical properties as mined diamonds. That means you can get high-quality diamonds without worrying about unethical mining practices. You can search online to find retailers with ethical lab diamond selections and fine jewelry.

You can find ethically sourced and affordable lab diamonds at the following online retailers.


With a focus on both ethical lab-grown diamonds and consciously-sourced materials, Kimai is an online jewelry shop that’ll make you feel good about fine jewelry. Kimai’s jewelry is elegant and sleek, and much of it is actually crafted from pre-owned gold jewelry. All of the diamonds used in Kimai’s jewelry are lab-grown and wholly ethical. 

The benefits of shopping with Kimai don’t end there, though. This jeweler uses 100 percent recycled gold to reduce its environmental impact and ships all orders via carbon-neutral shipping methods. 

Kimai’s lab-grown diamond jewelry ranges in price from $595 to $925.


MiaDonna is all about sparkling, shining diamonds – lab-grown diamonds only, however. With a selection of loose diamonds as well as gorgeous rings, earrings, and more, MiaDonna offers pieces that look good and have a positive impact on the world.

MiaDonna is actually a certified B–Corp, and the company’s practices go well beyond lab-grown diamonds that look wonderfully natural. All MiaDonna jewelry is made solely with recycled materials, such as recycled gold, palladium, and platinum. And one tree is planted for every order through the One Tree Planted organization. The company even has its own foundation that’s dedicated to restoring communities in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Greener Diamond. It helps those who’ve been impacted by traditional diamond mining.

MiaDonna’s diamonds and diamond jewelry range in price from $375 to $3,060.


If you’re looking for a diamond jewelry brand that’s changing the way diamonds are mined, you can’t overlook Vrai. Both a retailer of gorgeous fine jewelry and an environmentally friendly company, Vrai is completely changing the way in which diamonds are created. Vrai only uses lab-grown diamonds, and all of the diamonds are actually made in the company’s very own foundry. That foundry is the only Certified Carbon Neutral diamond producer, and all of its operations are run on 100 percent hydro power from the Columbia River.

That means Vrai’s diamonds are actually grown with 100 percent renewable energy. There are no emissions, and you can trust in the carbon-neutral production process to leave very little impact on the larger world.

Vrai’s fine jewelry ranges from $1,450 to $2,975 in price.

KBH Jewels

KBH Jewels is a luxury jewelry retailer, but it’s one that’s unlike any luxury brand to come before it. All KBH Jewels items feature only conflict-free, non-mined diamonds – but that practice also extends to any gold. All of the pieces found at this retailer use lab-grown diamonds created in laboratory settings that are free of negative environmental effects and exploitive social impacts. And all gold is high-quality recycled or reclaimed gold.

But the benefits of choosing KBH Jewels don’t end there. This retailer also packages all items in eco-friendly packaging, including recycled and recyclable reusable bags or pouches. 

KBH Jewels offers products ranging from $100 to $7,250 in price.

Agape Diamonds

At Agape Diamonds, you’ll find a whole host of diamond jewelry and plenty of loose diamonds. But this retailer isn’t a fancy jeweler – it’s actually a factory direct jeweler that offers customers wholesale prices instead of high-priced markups found at traditional retailers. You can discover a wealth of ethical, lab-grown diamonds without the extremely high prices you’d expect.

However, it’s important to note that not all diamonds at Agape Diamonds are lab-grown. Traditionally mined diamonds are also in the product mix, so it’s important to shop carefully here.

Agape Diamonds offers diamond jewelry from $1,220 to $1,430.

Search Online to Find More Ethical, Affordable Lab-Created Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are an excellent alternative to traditional diamonds, which can have lasting, far-reaching negative effects on many communities and the environment. The only real difference between the two is how they’re sourced. So, why not choose an ethically made lab option?

Search online, and you’ll find plenty of retailers that offer lab diamonds. You can find rings, earrings, necklaces, and more. Some retailers even offer loose lab diamonds to create your own custom pieces. With affordable prices and a more socially conscious creation process, lab diamonds can be the perfect gift.

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