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Where Can I Find the Best Cell Phone Plans?

Everywhere you go, you see people looking down at their cell phones. While some people debate the necessity of these devices, you might be beginning to realize how important one really is. Even if you don’t want to surf the internet or make purchases on your phone, having one provides you with extra safety and security. If, for example, your car breaks down, you can call someone for help. However, signing up for a cell phone plan can prove overwhelming if you have never done it before.

Where should I go to sign up for a plan?

You could sign up for a plan over the internet, and many people do. Yet when it is your first time purchasing a cell phone plan, consider the benefits of actually going into the store. You can ask the sales representative all of your questions, and you can have dedicated time to look into the different options. You don’t need to deal with the house phone ringing or the kids asking you a million questions while you try to sign up online. You can also see what the phones actually look like.

Do I need to purchase a phone to sign up for a plan?

If you do not have a cell phone, then you clearly need to buy a phone. However, perhaps a relative or a friend offered you his or her old phone, and all you need to do is activate it to make it work. Bring the phone to the store with you, and ask the service provider if it is possible to start a new plan with this old phone. In many cases, you can do that. You may wish to call the store before you go so that you have a clearer sense as to whether or not you need to purchase a new phone.

How long is the contract for, and how much is it going to cost me?

The answers to these two questions do vary depending upon what you want to do. You can look into different cell phone plans to see if you can bring the cost down. Also, if you are financing your cell phone, then you will need to add those payments onto the cost for your monthly bill. The length of the contract time can vary. However, a 24-month time period is fairly standard for many cell phone providers. Be sure to find out if penalties exist, and what they are, if you terminate early.

When will I be able to get another phone?

You could purchase another phone any time that you want, so if you are eager for the new updates, you could buy it on the same day that it comes out. However, the phone could prove rather expensive. Most people wait until they are eligible for an upgrade. That means you do not need to pay as much for the phone. Sometimes, depending upon the phone that you want, you may have to pay no cost at all. If you need another phone before you are eligible for an upgrade, you may have to enter into a payment plan.

Do I have to buy a smartphone?

Perhaps you have resisted purchasing a phone because you don’t want a smart phone. While most of the phones that are on the market now do come with these features, you could look for ones with the fewest features possible. You may decide that calling and texting are enough for you. Even if you do end up with a more technologically advanced model, you do not need to use all of the features. Explain your budget and preferences to the sales representative to find the right phone for you.

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