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Which Dog Food Delivery Services Can Save Pet Owners Time and Money?

You probably take the time to do careful research about what you feed your dog. A dog’s food is important – but it can also be expensive. Since dogs have healthy appetites, you need to shop for food frequently. If you’re looking for a more affordable dog food that’s convenient and easy to buy, it’s time to consider a new option: dog food delivery services. If you search online, you can find dog delivery services that’ll bring healthy food for your pup right to your door.

Convenient, affordable, and good for your dog, dog food delivery services are incredibly beneficial. You can have all different kinds of food delivered to your door. Plus, there’s no better time to give dog food delivery services a try than right now. Search online to find the perfect dog food delivery service for your needs and your budget.

The following are some of the best dog food delivery services that’ll save you both time and money.


If you want to change up your pup’s food and start serving healthier, fresher meals, NomNom is worth trying. NomNom offers meals that are close to homemade dog food as you can get from a delivery service. Every delivery includes pre-portioned pet food made from fresh ingredients. The meals are even tailored to your dog’s size, age, and weight. Dog owners can choose from four fresh recipes, nutritional supplements, and tasty treats. 

Wondering if NomNom dog food is really as good as it sounds? Veterinarians actually recommend this dog food delivery service. The meals are well-balanced, and all of the recipes are made according to the Association of American Feed Control Officials nutritional guidelines.

You can set the frequency of your dog food delivery and choose how often you’d like food delivered. NomNom allows you to choose from weekly, biweekly, or monthly deliveries. The cost per delivery ranges from $96 to $328 per month for dog food. NomNom does offer specials and discounts for new customers, like 20 percent off your first order. 


Chewy combines everything you love about your favorite pet store and the convenience of online shopping. This online retailer allows you to shop for almost any brand of dog food from a wide variety of different brands. It’s like Amazon for dog food, so you’ll find all kinds of choices. Even better, you can buy single servings or purchase in bulk. 

Chewy is the best place to shop if you’re looking to get your dog’s favorite food for less, with increased convenience. You can choose if you’d like to place individual orders for delivery. Or, you can sign up for Chewy’s auto-ship program, which allows you to choose products that’ll be shipped to your door on a schedule of your choosing.

The cost of Chewy ranges quite a bit. It all depends on the type of food you’re ordering, as well as the brand and the quantity. However, whether you’re ordering the most affordable dry kibble or premium wet food, you’ll still save money. All Chewy customers get savings of five to 10 percent off select brands when you opt-in for automatic shipments. Special discounts and limited-time offers are also available such as a 30 percent discount on your first order. 

The Farmer’s Dog

Want to upgrade your dog’s food without breaking the bank? The Farmer’s Dog could be the perfect choice.

This dog food delivery service combines affordable, healthy, and fresh dog food with extra convenience. The company creates a personalized diet for your dog based on their breed, activity level, ideal weight, and any dietary sensitivities. Then, using human-grade ingredients, The Farmer’s Dog creates ready-to-serve meals for your pup, which are delivered right to your home.

You get to choose how often you’d like deliveries from The Farmer’s Dog. You can opt-in for deliveries every two weeks or on a less frequent basis – you can go all the way up to 12 weeks between shipments. Pricing depends on the kind of food your dog needs. New customers can also take advantage of special offers like 60 percent off your first order


Ollie is another dog food delivery service that brings fresh food right to your doorstep. This service caters to your pup’s nutritional needs by developing a personalized diet that includes a portion recommendation that’s based on your dog’s age, weight, breed, and other unique details. All of the dog food is made with human-grade ingredients and with vet-formulated recipes that feature real meats and vegetables. Your dog will even get a dose of nutritional supplements in each serving.

Ollie is one of the most affordable options when it comes to fresh, ready-to-eat meals for dogs. Shipments can arrive biweekly or monthly, and they typically cost between $9 and $42 per week. Individual meal servings cost approximately $6. New customers can take advantage of special offers when signing up, like 50 percent off your initial order. 

Try a Dog Food Delivery Service Today

Are you ready to change the way you shop for your dog’s food? You can find healthier options when you shop online – and these options are also more convenient. By signing up for a dog food delivery service, you can enjoy the convenience of no longer shopping at a local store. And you may even be able to save some money.

Do your research online before you choose a particular doh food delivery service. Make sure to compare a few different services, their food offerings, and their prices. That’s the best way to find the most affordable and convenient option that’ll satisfy your budget and your dog.

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