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Are Impact Windows a Good Investment for Hurricane Season?

Hurricanes are the most damaging natural disaster in the U.S., causing approximately $28 billion in damages annually. And every year, hurricane season is bringing increasingly more powerful storms.

It’s impossible to completely protect your home from storms. But when you and your home are prepared, that could make a difference between damage and total disaster.

Here’s how impact windows could help you better protect your home during hurricane season – and why they might be a smart investment for you.

What Are Impact Windows?

Impact windows are a special kind of window designed to stand up to the effects of hurricanes and powerful storms. They were designed to prevent damage and devastation – and they’re the top window choice for hurricane-prone areas.

Impact windows can make a house more structurally sound if a hurricane strikes. These windows are strong enough to prevent a total collapse. 

To make impact windows, a piece of impact-resistant glass is treated with polyvinyl butyral or ethylene-vinyl acetate. These layers of chemicals help the glass hold together – so if it’s hit by flying debris, it won’t collapse. 

How Impact Windows Work

Impact windows are pretty straightforward. When a storm hits and debris and strong winds are hammering a house, the windows won’t break or blow out. 

These windows use physics to provide structural support. As a hurricane arrives on land, the atmospheric pressure increases. If the windows of your home are closed, the pressure inside your home stays level – meaning the outside pressure is far greater.

The difference in pressure levels can blow out your windows, cause the roof and walls to collapse, and even bring the entire home crashing down. 

Impact windows will prevent this. Impact windows are able to withstand the impact of a piece of debris that’s 6 feet long, 2 inches tall, 4 inches wide, and a total of 9 pounds. Their specially treated glass makes impact windows are relatively unbreakable. And if they do break, they won’t shatter. The windows will stick together, keeping your walls upright and preventing a collapse.

Can Impact Windows Hold Up Against a Hurricane?

Stronger storms bring increasingly stronger pressure that can cause incredible damage. However, no matter the storm, impact windows can keep your home safe. 

Impact windows are able to withstand a Category 5 hurricane – meaning they can tolerate wind speeds of up to 200 miles per hour.

But impact windows can also stand up to the other damaging and dangerous effects of a hurricane. A storm could bring 2 inches of rain per hour, drowning your home in more than 12,000 gallons of water. Because impact windows don’t shatter, you won’t have to worry about a broken window letting rain water and flooding into your home.

If there’s debris flying around thanks to a storm’s powerful winds, your home will also be safe. Impact windows are tested for this exact scenario. Should a branch or other piece of debris hit the windows, they’ll be able to withstand the force.

Impact Windows Can Save You Money if Disaster Strikes

Installing impact windows can greatly reduce the damage to your home during a hurricane. And it could also cut down your costs once the storm passes. 

Impact windows aren’t expensive to install. They’re a bit pricier than traditional windows at an average price of $40 to $55 per square foot of glass area. This adds up to just a few hundred dollars more than the installation of basic windows.

For their price, impact windows offer strong protection during hurricane season. You won’t see as much damage to your home, which will slash the money you have to spend on repairs and new construction.

And impact windows aren’t just a good investment in regions where hurricanes happen. Anyone who lives in an area where hurricanes, strong winds, and powerful storms often occur can benefit from impact windows. Impact windows can save you money on the following:

Because impact windows are stronger than normal windows, they offer homeowners plenty of benefits. But perhaps the biggest benefit is the last: savings on homeowner’s insurance. You could score a discount of as much as 45 percent off if you install impact windows.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your home protected during hurricane season, you need to consider impact windows. Not only can they stand up to these powerful storms, but they can also save you money on repairs and your insurance.

Before you decide, make sure to do your research. Search online and compare different impact windows and installation options. This will allow you to easily check pricing, get custom quotes, and even look for discounts or deals. Once your impact windows are installed, the difference will be clear as soon as hurricane season starts.

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