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How Can I Trade In My Old Phone for a New Samsung Galaxy S21?

Each year, smartphones get bigger and better when it comes to their features and their technology. And year after year, it’s Samsung’s Galaxy phones that are newer, better, and vastly improved. This year is no different, with Samsung announcing the earlier-than-expected release of the brand-new Galaxy S21. This hot new smartphone features a number of cool changes and advances, making it better than every past model. If you want to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S21, search online to find the latest offers and trade-in deals.

Like the many Galaxy phones released previously, the S21 is expected to be a huge hit. And demand is always high for the latest Samsung release. You’ll want to act now in order to get your very own S21. Search online to discover the latest pricing and potential offers for the Samsung Galaxy S21.

The Specs of the Samsung Galaxy S21

The Samsung Galaxy S21 release is a bit unexpected. Samsung revealed that the phone is becoming available a whole month earlier than planned. And it already has smartphone fans excited. The S21 will offer some of the very best features ever packed into a single smartphone.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the biggest and best features on the Galaxy S21:

The Galaxy S21 also comes with other great perks and features. It offers users a fast processor, all without sacrificing any battery life. In fact, you’ll enjoy all-day battery life despite all of the advanced features included. Whether you choose the basic Galaxy S21 or the Galaxy S21 Ultra (the replacement for the larger Samsung Note model, which is no longer available), you’re getting an excellent smartphone with bigger, better features.

Reviewers are already saying that the Galaxy S21 offers the best camera functionality – it has the best zoom of any Android smartphone.

Of course, no smartphone is without a few drawbacks. When it comes to cons, the Galaxy S21 does have the following disadvantages:

The price, really, is the biggest drawback of the S21. It’s so expensive that it can put potential buyers off. But you don’t have to pay the sky-high price if you search online for deals and discounts. Cell phone carriers are offering great deals on the S21, including enticing and affordable trade-in offers.

How to Get a Great Trade-In Deal for the Galaxy S21

One of the best ways to get a Galaxy S21 phone without paying full price is to take advantage of trade-in deals. Plenty of cell phone carriers – and even Samsung itself – offer trade-in deals, and you can easily swap your old phone for a new one at a very low cost.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 isn’t cheap. The base phone starts at $799.99 (6.2 inch screen), and the Plus version starts at $999.99 (6.8 inch screen). If you want to increase your storage space from 128GB to 256GB, you’ll have to pay an additional $50 on either model.

But if you trade in your current phone, you can almost get the Galaxy S21 for free. Here’s what carriers are currently offering in terms of trade-in deals:

These trade-in deals can make a Galaxy S21 free – or almost free. Whether you opt for the S21, Plus, or Ultra model, you can knock as much as $800 off the total cost by simply trading in your current smartphone for a newer one.

Where to Find Additional Galaxy S21 Deals

In addition to trade-in deals, you can also take advantage of other offers, discounts, and special deals on the Samsung Galaxy S21. Cell phone carriers don’t merely offer trade-ins; you can also find straight discounts, special limited-time pricing, and other types of low-priced deals for the latest smartphones.

For example, here’s a selection of the deals carriers and retailers are offering on the Galaxy S21 right now:

Remember, cell phone discounts and deals change constantly. And deals can get even better after a phone’s release. The longer a phone is available for, the better (and lower) the price can get. Make sure to do your research before buying the Galaxy S21 so you know you’re getting the lowest price possible.

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