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How Do I Use Coupons Like A Pro?

When the economy is struggling, it goes without saying that times will be tight. When paychecks are smaller and wallets are leaner, finding ways to save money on everyday items is an essential way to keep your head above water. Today, many people are choosing to save when they shop both online and at local retailers with a twist on a classic savings option: online coupons. The Internet offers a variety of money saving solutions that will help you cut back on costs for household essentials, clothes, food and more, and we’re here to help you understand.

How can I start finding coupons online?

Great question! There are lots of websites that offer promo codes, digital coupons and printable coupons, but not all of them track the validity of the coupons and codes they offer. Finding a site that offers reliable, user-rated coupons and codes will cut back on your time spent searching for savings and maximize the pennies in your pocket. One of the most popular savings aggregators, Retail Me Not, features a variety of savings types for home brands, clothes, restaurants, grocery services and more useful items.

What types of online coupon exist?

Whether you’re shopping in the store or online, you will likely be able to find a coupon on the web that can help you save. Typically, when you are shopping online, coupons come in the form of a promotional code. These are codes shared by companies to entice customers to shop by offering savings. The code is generally marketed to known shoppers of a store, who then submit the coupon code to a savings site for others to use. Promotional codes can net you a percentage discount, conditional free item or free gift, among other things.

What if I prefer shopping at the store?

It’s okay if you like your local brick and mortar retailers better than an online shopping spree. Everyone likes to shop differently, but we all like to spend the same way: with savings in mind. There are many coupons available online that are difficult to obtain elsewhere that can be used in stores. If you have a smartphone or tablet, these coupons can be downloaded through reputable savings feeds in .PDF format. They have a bar code which can be scanned by a cashier. If you don’t have a smartphone or a wireless connection for your device, you can easily print that same file and bring the coupon along.

Do I have to sign up for coupons?

While many coupon sites offer the option to sign up for updates, newsletters or alerts, most major sites do not require signup before using scannable coupons or coupon codes. Printable coupons offered by major retailers, generally for grocery products, may require sign up to prevent exploitation of the service and assure fair service for everyone involved.

How can I maximize my savings options by using coupons?

While shopping with coupons is great in and of itself, maximizing your savings with coupons requires a bit more finesse. Start by assessing basic household needs and regular purchases and compare the amount you spend to a grocery or price database. Look around online — is there a chance that buying in bulk or purchasing online with a coupon code is cheaper? Bonus points are awarded if free shipping over a certain figure is available. The convenience of online savings and coupon codes have led many families to switch to online shopping for their household needs, saving them a great deal of both their valuable time and money.

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