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How to Take Advantage of Fully Funded Nursing PhD Programs

Earning a PhD in nursing could set you apart from other professionals in the field. According to NurseJournal, less than one percent have doctoral degrees. Nurses with this level of education are vital in order to teach future students who want to become nurses and conduct research that is essential to making improvements in the practice. If this is something you’re interested in, search online to find nursing doctorate programs now.

Something that might deter nurses from pursuing a PhD is taking on more student debt, but that isn’t the case when enrolling in a fully funded program. Search online to learn about what costs can be covered while pursuing your doctorate.

What Does “Fully Funded” Mean?

After going through undergraduate and graduate school, it can be intimidating to put up even more money in order to get a doctorate degree. But nursing students don’t have to worry about paying for more schooling once they enter a fully funding program.

Fully funded programs are financial aid packages for PhD students. It covers tuition in full and also includes a salary or stipend each year you’re in the program. These programs are specifically for students who’re enrolled anywhere from three to six years on a full-time basis. The stipend gives you monetary assistance to pay for living costs like housing, transportation, and other necessities.

You can earn extra money apart from the fully funded package. You can look into external opportunities, such as:

So, is there a catch to this free tuition? Not really.

ProFellow explains how all universities typically ask that you teach or complete research in the field. This is something that’s expected of PhD students that ultimately benefits you as a student. What’s great is that it gives you an opportunity to earn money while pursuing your degree. All without having to worry about getting another job to cover your costs.

Best Fully Funded Nursing PhD Programs

While many universities offer fully funded PhD programs, some are more generous than others. Here are a few institutions that stand out as some of the best fully funded doctorate programs for nursing.

Yale University

One of the country’s most recognizable universities offers a prestigious doctorate program for nursing. Thanks to an individualized curriculum, it gives students in-depth expertise, which will prepare them to contribute to nursing post-grad.

Over 60 percent of PhD graduates conduct post-doc research for a living, while a quarter end up becoming assistant professors. All PhD students are fully funded once they are enrolled. In addition to tuition and healthcare, the school pays a monthly stipend for four years.

During the first two years of the program, students work 15 hours per week as a research assistant for their mentor’s current research. Another two terms are dedicated to the Teaching Fellowship, in which students help teach master’s level courses. On top of this, students are given the opportunity to complete a Certificate of College Teaching Preparation.

Duke University

At Duke University, nursing PhD students are trained to build on their foundational knowledge and contribute research related to chronic illness and care systems. The fully funded program prepares students for entry level roles in academics and collaborates with faculty experts in a variety of concentrations.

During the first two years, tuition is fully funded and students receive stipends. Years three to five include nine month stipends and tuition covered. Successful applicants may also receive summer stipend funding, but it’s not guaranteed.

UC Davis

Earn your doctorate in nursing at UC Davis. This full-time program aims to leave students with skills and knowledge allowing them to:

The program takes four years to complete. Students will receive $20,000 and a stipend in their first year. In second year, students also receive funding for in-state tuition and fees. For the following year, students receive money based on their employment.

Research and teaching roles are available to students, where they’re expected to spend at least 10 hours weekly. Some quarters when they are expected to work more often, students receive a monthly salary of around $1,000 and remission for tuition and fees.

Columbia University

Graduate with a doctorate in just over three years  when studying at Columbia University. This full-time program boasts a research-intensive curriculum that has a long-term goal of leaving students informed on health policy and clinical practice.

The university provides students with three years worth of funding that covers tuition, school fees, and health insurance. There’s also a stipend for full-time students.

For part of the program, students are expected to work as research or teaching assistants for 10 hours per week.

Boston College

Consider applying to one of the most prestigious schools in the country for your PhD. The nursing program at Boston College gives you an opportunity to learn in small class sizes and receive enriching mentorship from faculty. You’ll learn advanced nursing education through a combination of knowledge and research methods.

PhD students at the university often receive awards thanks to their research findings. Some have even been inducted into the American Academy of Nursing.

The Connell School of Nursing covers full-time PhD student tuition, fees, and insurance for three years.

Apply for PhD Programs Online

If you’re interested in taking your knowledge and skillset to the next level in nursing, then apply to a PhD program. These institutions will not only train you to be future leaders of the industry, but they will also pay you to do it. You’ll endure a variety of learning methods and could walk away with your doctorate in as little as three years.

To get started, search online and see what institutions offer fully funded PhD programs. Compare the curriculum, financial packages, and feats its alumni have accomplished since graduating. Make sure to submit your application on time by researching all the deadlines and necessary footwork.

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