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Is it Worth Buying a Luxury Mattress?

The average person will spend about one third of their life sleeping. Since you spend so much time in bed, it’s important to invest in a good mattress for optimal sleep and health. But one survey shows that more than 25 percent of Americans spent only $200 or less on their mattress. Unfortunately, products at this price point don’t guarantee you a quality and comfortable mattress. That’s why it can be worth spending more and choosing a luxury mattress instead. You can search online to discover what benefits luxury mattresses have to offer.

Luxury mattresses will bring next-level comfort and quality to help you sleep better — and they can be more affordable than you might think. Search online today to find luxury mattress offers and affordable prices.

Here’s why it’s worth buying a luxury mattress.

Benefits of Using a Luxury Mattress

Customize Your Sleep

Unlike traditional mattresses, luxury mattresses provide more options for your specific sleep needs. For example, people who like to stay cool in the night can take advantage of luxury mattresses that offer thermal regulation. The natural fabrics and materials enable airblow to wick away sweat and cool the body.

You can also find mattresses that actively target sleep-related disorders. This might be in the form of pressure relief, thermal regulation, coolness, spine-alignment and more. For couples, certain luxury mattresses might give you the illusion of sleeping alone by preventing movement on either side of the bed. Whatever your desired sleeping experience is, you can find it in a luxury mattress.

Quality For Your Dollar

Mattresses aren’t something you shop for every year. Rather, it’s recommended that a mattress be replaced every eight to 10 years. This lengthy timeline gives you good reason to put more money towards a good mattress. Instead of having to replace a cheap, poor quality mattress every few years, you’ll be investing in a comfortable and high quality mattress once every decade. The higher upfront payment will be worth it in the long run.

They’re Made of Better Materials

What makes a mattress luxurious are the materials used to construct it. Luxury mattresses are typically certified organic, meaning the manufacturer only used safe ingredients (not harmful chemicals or dyes). A mattress that uses natural materials can prevent skin irritation and itching for those with sensitive skin.

Plus, the lack of chemicals used to create the mattress means that it’s been exposed to less emissions. Each mattress is different, so make sure to pay attention and find out if it’s been certified organic from the manufacturer.

Popular Luxury Mattress Brands


Each mattress from Allswell is made with hybrid foam and coil construction, as well as memory foam with cooling benefits. The signature Allswell mattress costs $375 for a queen size and strikes an equal balance between firmness and softness. Like the Allswell mattress, each one from this brand comes in a variety of styles, features and sizes. In addition to a 100-night trial, customers will be given a 10 year limited mattress warranty.


The Saatva mattress, with pricing starting at $799, is made with five key features: luxury euro pillow top, perimeter edge support, individually wrapped coils, spiral zone technology, and durable steel coil support. The result is a comfortable mattress that has helped customers reduce back and joint pain, as well as provide optimal spine support. You can choose between three firmness options to best suit your sleep style and test the mattress for 180 days.


There are three mattresses to check out from Casper: the Wave Hybrid, Nova Hybrid, and Original. The Original is good for balanced support and cooling, while the Wave Hybrid provides advanced support for less aches and pains. Pricing starts at $595, but the company has frequent sales where you can save money on a new mattress. Customers can choose from a number of options to customize their purchase, such as all-foam or hybrid, and test the mattress on a 100-day trial.

Search Online to Compare Luxury Mattresses

A quality mattress is worth investing in. Compared to traditional mattresses, they’re built with quality materials and are even designed to improve your unique sleeping needs. Luxury mattresses can be affordable if you take the time to search online. Comparing various companies and checking in for the latest promotions can help you save money on a next time your mattress needs replacing.

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