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Which Online MBA Programs Are Fast to Complete?

Be it opening oneself up to new job opportunities, increasing one’s salary potential, or wanting to change careers, everybody has an unique reason for pursing an MBA. However, most can agree that getting an MBA leads to results. In fact, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) reports that 87 percent of MBA graduates found that their degree increased their employability — and 76 percent found that it better prepared them for leadership positions. Moreover, GMAC found that the average salary for full-time MBA graduates is $124,000 per year, which is more than enough of a reason to pursue an MBA.

Fortunately, it’s never been easier to get your MBA. Accelerated online programs have students enrolling and completing their degree in just one year, without having to step foot in a classroom. The online format is flexible and makes it easier for students to balance their studies while also working full-time and attending other commitments. There are tons of accelerated MBA programs to apply to, which you can find online.

It’s important to do your research and make sure you’re applying to a school that makes sense for your career goals. You can compare what each program has to offer and how to apply by searching online,

Here are five online MBA programs to consider.

1. Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

At Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, you can graduate with an MBA in as little as 12 months. You can also choose to add a 12 or 15 credit certificate to specialize in a sector that can help advance your career prospects. Nearing the end of your courses, you’ll complete one capstone project where you can apply your knowledge in a domestic or international business setting.

The curriculum consists of 10 courses for 30 total credit hours. You can apply anytime and begin courses at the start of a spring, summer, or fall semester. Saint Mary’s is also quite affordable at $690 per credit. With a total number of 30 credits, the estimated total tuition is $20,700. It’s a lot of money to save when you compare it to the state’s average tuition of $36,606 for an MBA.

2. University of North Texas

The University of North Texas enrolls over 78,000 online students across 80 programs. Tuition costs $125 per credit hour. MBA students have six streams to choose from that can be completed in as few as 14 months. There are eight-week courses available in the fall and spring, as well as five-week courses available in the summer. Students can also choose to begin their MBA education at six different start dates.

Here are the six different accelerated online MBA programs you can enroll in at the University of North Texas:

3. Mississippi College School of Business

The School of Business at Mississippi College has some of the largest and oldest MBA programs in the Jackson metro area. MBA students will complete 10 courses that each take eight weeks to complete. The program’s mission is to prepare students to handle complex business situations with a faith-based educational foundation. The school enrolls people with a 3.0 GPA and higher, but students with a 2.25 to 2.99 GPA may also be enrolled if they carry relevant professional experience.

4. Centenary University

Centenary University is a New Jersey-based school that offers accelerated online MBA degrees. Most students complete their degree in approximately 26 months, but it’s possible to achieve it much sooner. You can earn your degree in 14 months by enrolling in two classes every eight weeks.

There are five concentrations available with the accelerated MBA:

5. Bryan College

Bryan College offers an MBA in business administration online. The program is accredited through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education and can be completed in 14 months. Tuition costs are competitive and there is financial aid available for those who qualify. Classes start online every eight weeks, and you’re required to complete 36 credit hours in order to graduate.

There is an option for students to choose a specialization based on career goals and interest. This includes the following:

Compare Accelerated MBA Programs Online

There are a lot of benefits to completing your MBA online. These programs allow you to work at your own pace and make your own schedule. You can fit school into your lifestyle and not have to worry about commuting to campus for class. Online degrees also hold the same credibility as it would if you were traditionally attending grad school in person.

Explore the different programs available by searching online. Many schools offer specializations within the MBA program that you can choose based on your career interests. These specializations can set you apart from other candidates when it comes to the job market. Search online and compare the different schools. In just over one year, you could graduate and add a credible MBA to your title.

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