Is Medicare Important for Seniors with Diabetes?

Dealing with diabetes is a costly proposition. Things may be even worse for seniors, who have the highest rates of the disease of any U.S. age group. If you’re an older adult, you may be more likely to incur high treatment bills for your diabetes management. Here’s how Medicare might make paying easier. Types of…
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What Are Facts About Glucose Meters Many Diabetics Don’t Know?

Blood glucose, which is also known as blood sugar, is a crucial health measurement – and this is especially the case if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes. Blood glucose is what distinguishes different types of diabetes from one another, and it can seriously impact your body and well-being. If you’re a diabetic, you know just…
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What Are Long-Acting Insulin Facts Many Diabetics May Not Know?

Diabetics face many health choices, from daily medications to eating habits to types of insulin. One of the most important choices is which insulin can best help you control your blood sugar, and in turn your diabetes, every day. While many diabetics rely on rapid-acting or short-term insulin every day, there is another option: long-acting…
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