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Top Savings Accounts for 2022

Looking to make the most from your savings? Who wouldn’t? Most of us need to sacrifice quite a bit in order to be able to set aside a portion of our incomes for a rainy day. So it’s perfectly natural to want to maximize the benefits generated from your hard earned savings.

You could tie up your money in long-term investments, but there are other ways to squeeze the value out of your nest egg. Parking your cash in a high-yield savings account promotes both long-term savings growth and liquidity. But finding the right high-yield savings account for the job does indeed require a little bit of research.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the top savings accounts available to scrimpers and savers like you, right now.

Fitness Bank

Fitness Bank leads our list with the highest APY, but there is one interesting caveat. Open a savings account with Fitness Bank for a chance to earn a whopping 3.50 percent APY. Earning that sky-high APY won’t come easy though. To get it, you’ll need to achieve an average daily step count of 12,500. This inventive establishment uses its smartphone app to track your steps, and ties lower tiered APY offerings to lower step counts.

Fitness Bank is a member of the FDIC and is available to any American citizen. You will be required to make a minimum initial deposit of $100, and maintain a minimum balance of $100 to avoid monthly fees. On top of these requirements, you won’t get an ATM card. Plus, Fitness Bank doesn’t allow for mobile deposits.

Still though, 3.50 percent APY is impressive.

Ivy Bank

Backed by Cambridge Savings Bank, Ivy Bank offers Americans online high-yield savings accounts with nationally competitive market rates. Right now, you could start growing your savings in a high-yield savings account from Ivy Bank at 3.10 percent APY.

These accounts do require a minimum initial deposit of $2,500, and a minimum ongoing balance of $2,500 in order to earn the highest APY. To sweeten the deal, Ivy Bank doesn’t charge any monthly fees and applying for an account can be done in a matter of minutes.

Dollar Savings Direct

Another online banking establishment offering sky-high interest rates is Dollar Savings Direct. Right now, you could start earning 3.05 percent APY with a high-yield Dollar Savings Account.

Dollar Savings Direct has no minimum initial deposit requirement, no minimum ongoing balance, and doesn’t charge any monthly fees. Better yet, applying for an account can be done in just a few minutes online. It’s an attractive option for those just begining to build their savings.

Dollar Savings Direct is FDIC insured. Moreover, their savings accounts have no fees, penalties, or service charges.

CFG Bank

You can earn an APY of 3.03 percent by moving your savings over to a high-yield money market account from CFG Bank. New applicants are required to supply a minimum initial deposit of $1,000 and maintain a minimum balance of $1,000 in order to earn the 3.03 percent APY. However, maintaining the minimum balance of $1,000 will prevent you from having to pay their $10 monthly fee as well.

CFG Bank was established in Baltimore in 1927 and has been innovating the consumer banking industry ever since. They offer a wide variety of account types designed to grow your savings long term. The APY on their high-yield money market account is certainly one of the most valuable offerings in the country as of this writing, but CFG Bank has even more innovative products available on their website.

UFB Direct

UFB Direct is an FDIC insured financial institution that uses technology to deliver great customer service and ultra-competitive interest rates. They pride themselves on their lack of minimum deposit requirements and monthly maintenance fees, but their APY is the real showstopper.

American citizens and resident aliens are encouraged to open an account and move their savings over to a UFB Direct high-yield savings account to receive 3.01 percent APY. There is no minimum balance requirement and no monthly maintenance fees. The accounts even come with an ATM card and the ability to deposit checks online.


There you have it, the top savings accounts in the country. It’s not impossible to cash in on a staggering 3.50 percent APY and fast track your savings goals in the process.

These may be the top savings accounts for 2022, but the finance industry is always shifting and changing. Getting the most out of your savings is an active pursuit that involves consistency, persistence, and a lot of online searches. Never stop looking for more efficient ways to save and be prepared to jump on the best opportunities.