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What are the 5 Best Mattress Brands?

Scientists can’t say enough about the importance of getting a quality sleep. Sleep deprivation impacts physical and mental health, mood, memory, social skills, safety and overall quality of life. It’s no wonder that people are increasingly picky about their mattresses. According to Statista, Americans buy more mattresses than anyone on the planet, and because U.S is one of the largest mattress markets globally, buyers have far more choices.

Our staff at StuffAnswered have compiled a list of the top 5 mattress brands to help you on your quest for a good night’s rest.

1. Casper

Average cost: $ 595-$1,195

Casper is a top-selling bed-in-a-box that’s often touted as the internet’s favorite mattress. Starting from the top, the cover material is a thick, soft polyester blend that maintains its tautness and doesn’t bunch up. You can zip it off to have it cleaned.

The first layer is made of latex-like foam with just the right amount of resistance. You’ll feel snug without sinking deep into the bed. The foam also features cooling properties to offset your body heat and keep you comfortable.

Next is a section of memory foam that adjusts to your body’s contours. The third layer features zoned support constructed of sturdy polyfoam. It’s soft beneath your shoulders and firm beneath your hips.  The foundation layer is also made of dense, durable polyfoam.

Other selling points include the following:

However, several reviewers have noted that it’s two to three inches narrower than a standard queen bed; their sheets won’t fit. Another downside is the lack of grips, which would make handling a lot easier.

2. Helix

Average cost: $600-$1,195

This all-American manufacturer offers a sleep quiz to determine your firmness preference, temperature comfort level, support needs and other criteria. It then custom designs a bed-in-a-box for individualized comfort — talk about great customer service and a personalized experience.

Helix even has a solution for couples who wage war over their sleeping preferences, so don’t head for divorce court just yet. King-or queen-size Dual Comfort mattresses feature different construction on each side according to sleep partners’ preferences.

Other selling points include the following:

Helix products are 100 percent handmade in the U.S. What’s not to like? Some side sleepers would prefer the more yielding, traditional memory foam. Also, Helix is a young company. The lifespan of its products is unknown.

3. Amerisleep AS3, formerly known as Liberty

Average cost: $1,149-$1,699

Amerisleep AS3 is one of the highest-rated mattresses in the industry. Two features, in particular, are big hits with consumers:

First, the mattress cover contains a revolutionary mix of ground, thermo-reactive minerals. The compound is brand-named Celliant fiber, and the Food and Drug Administration has agreed with researchers that it promotes more restful sleep.

The science behind it is Celliant’s ability to increase your body’s oxygenation. The boost sends more oxygen to your lungs, improves circulation and helps your body maintain its core internal temperature.

Second, Amerisleep’s own Bio-Pur memory foam has an open-cell structure that allows more airflow. It is five times more breathable than traditional memory foam.

Other selling points include the following:

Although 98 percent of reviewers on the Amerisleep website recommend the AS3, some side sleepers found it too hard for comfort.

4. Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze

Average cost: $2,749-$5,498

Just the name makes you drowsy. Tempur-Pedic has an excellent reputation for helping sleepers stay cool and sleep through the night. Its innovative materials quickly adapt to body shape and weight. As a result, the J.D. Power Mattress Satisfaction Report of 2017 awarded Tempur-Pedic its No. 1 spot for support, comfort and value.

The lightweight fabric on top provides a comfortable sleeping surface. The manufacturer doesn’t release details about its comfort, support, and base layers, but it does use both medium-and high-density memory foam. Each layer has its own cooling properties to channel heat out of the mattress.

Other selling points include the following:

However, not everyone is a fan of the high-density foam. Some reviewers feel like they’re sinking into the mattress. Other reviewers mention an unpleasant odor, and the high price is certainly a drawback.

5. Serta iComfort Blue Fusion 1000 Luxury Firm Pillow Top

Average cost: $1,449-$2,299

Most consumers prefer foam construction to innerspring these days, but Serta’s brand-new hybrid combines the best of both worlds. The top-notch wrapped coil system is covered with support foam and a thin layer of gel memory foam.

The coil system isolates motion. If your bedmate is a thrasher, you’ll sleep right through turbulent episodes. The coils also create subtle resistance for increased support, so the mattress won’t sink beneath your weight.

As for temperature regulation, there is ample airflow throughout the innerspring layer. Body heat is uniformly distributed over the surface to keep you cool.

Other selling points include the following:

Early reviews, not surprisingly, have been overwhelmingly favorable. Serta is the largest mattress brand in the U.S. It has been going strong since 1931, and its products are known for quality. The Hilton and Wyndham hotel chains are among its customers.

There are a couple of disadvantages. This bed was designed with stomach and back sleepers in mind. It is extra-firm, so side sleepers might not be happy with it. At 14.5 inches thick, it may be bulkier than what you’re used to. However, there are four sturdy grips to help with handling.

A top-quality mattress is an investment, so make sure to do your homework. Online reviews of recent purchases won’t be especially helpful — look for reviewers who have slept on their mattresses for at least six months or even a year or two. You can also find good information on unbiased consumer education sites. This is one decision that you should definitely sleep on.

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