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What are the 5 Best Paper Towel Brands for Seniors?

Trying to keep your house clean can involve not only effort but a huge cost. One of the most environmentally friendly ways to clean up dirty bathrooms and messy kitchen spills are rags or reusable cloth towels but laundering them on a regular basis can be a hassle — especially for seniors.

Thankfully, there are lots of brands that offer superior paper towel products that are made in an environmentally conscious way. Here are some of our favorite paper towel brands for seniors.


Brawny offers high-quality, heavy-duty paper towel products in a variety of sizes.

Although there are lots of paper towels on the market today, Brawny encourages their customers to waste less paper by offering Tear-A-Square products. The Tear-A-Square products from Brawny all come in ¼ sheets, while most other brands only offer ½ sheets. This allows you to really customize the amount of paper towel you need for each mess.

Starting at $4.98 for an individual roll, all their paper towel products are double-ply and come in large, 2XL, and 3XL, which are massive rolls that equal four and eight standard rolls, respectively. Brawny also offers customers durable wipes, which are great for really heavy-duty cleaning jobs like bathtubs and ovens. Plus, they’re imbued with a disinfectant product that kills 99.9 percent of germs they come into contact with.

Sparkle Towels

Sparkle Towels offers a wide variety of paper towel products that are printed with fun prints and colors. Starting at $7.97, all their product lines are two-ply and are made with the company’s patented “Thirst Pockets”, which helps soak up the liquid.

When you’re picking up a package of Sparkle Towels, you can choose between Plain White, Spirited Prints, or Hint of Color. The Spirited Prints collection is available in 18 different designs, which are shown on the website being used for cleaning, but also as a cheap and cheerful wrapping paper for baked goods and snacks.

Sparkle Towels have a good number of different package sizes to choose from. For the frugal senior, their website is full of coupons, as well as blog posts on spring cleaning hacks, cleaning tips, and other ways that you can use their products to keep your home fresh and sparkling clean.

Viva Towels

Viva Towels are available in two different styles: multi-surface cloths and pop-ups.

The multi-surface cloths are similar to traditional paper towels, but they’re designed to be used on wet surfaces or messes. They’re available in three sizes: Value, Regular, and Giant. If you buy them online, you can get a six-pack for only $12.99.

The Viva pop-ups look like a giant box of Kleenex. Inside is a folded stack of 60 single-ply paper towels. They’re really easy to use because you can grab one or several at a time and you don’t have to worry about tearing away half the roll. They’re ideal for cleaning minor messes and spills. One box cost $3.99, which is a little more expensive than Kleenex, but it’s a much more functional cleaning product.

Bounty Towels

Bounty is undoubtedly the largest name in paper towels in the United States.

Costing as low as $3, Bounty towels come in a lot of different options, including full-size sheets, a Select-A-Size option in their single-ply towels, and their “Essential” towels, which are two-ply and 50 percent more absorbent. All their options come in at least five different sizes and you can choose plain white or a wide selection of prints, including seasonal and holiday options.

Bounty’s website offers tons of digital coupons and deals that will help seniors save money on the products they need.

Bounty sources 100 percent of their paper towel fibers from responsibly managed forests and prides themselves on the fact that they’ve reduced their water use by 18 percent and their manufacturing waste by 85 percent in the last nine years alone. By 2020, their goals are to reduce their packaging a further 20 percent, reduce their water use by 20 percent, and ensure all their plants are powered with 30 percent renewable energy.

Scott Paper Towels

Scott Brand offers well-made paper towels, which feature ridges that help absorb more liquid. The paper towels come in plain white Choose-A-Sheet and full sheet Mega Roll formats. Both are available in a wide variety of sizes with anywhere between six and 24 rolls per package. Their paper towels have great reviews. Starting at $5, they’re priced around the same price point as the other large brands.

In addition to paper towels, Scott manufactures shop towels and rags, which are great if you have a lot of messes that require heavy-duty scrubbing. They also manufacture a variety of toilet paper products, including one line without a tube, which helps families cut down on their yearly recycling. Scott uses recycled goods whenever possible. In fact, 20 percent of their packaging is recyclable and they’re trying to promote their tube-less toilet paper, so more people can minimize the number of toilet paper tubes that are thrown away every year.


Having great paper towels around is really handy, especially if as a senior you find that you’re prone to spills. Before you go to the grocery store next time, check out the website of your favorite brand. They usually offer coupons for discounts on their products, so new customers can try them out.

If you make a habit of buying paper towels on a regular basis, try and find a brand that’s committed to sustainability or switch to using rags or washable cloths.

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