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What Are the 6 Best Baby Diaper Brands?

It could be argued that diapers are the most essential non-nutrition-based item for babies. Without them, life would be a mess. However, it can be difficult to determine which diapers are the best, especially if you’re a new parent.

1. Pampers

Pampers offers a variety of diaper types, including:

  1. Swaddlers
  2. Pure
  3. Baby-dry
  4. Cruisers
  5. Overnights


A package of 32 Pampers Swaddlers costs about $10, which brings each diaper to about $0.33.


Swaddlers are as soft as cloth, with soft, stretchy elastic at the sides and leg openings. They have three channels that contain moisture and a liner that keeps wetness away from your child’s skin. They also have a wetness indicator that turns blue when the diaper is moist.

Consumer and Critical Reviews

Many consumers love the softness of the Swaddlers, especially for newborns. Today’s Parent reports that the plentiful gathering at the leg openings is ideal for preventing leaks.

Some parents have reported leakage through the waistband, especially for boys. You can fold the waistband over to prevent this from happening. If you’re concerned about allergens, Pampers claims that the Pure line of diapers is easier on babies’ skin than Honest diapers.

2. Luvs

Although Forbes says that Huggies has been one of Pampers’ biggest competitors for decades, more parents prefer Luvs to Huggies. It makes some sense when you consider that Luvs and Pampers are both made by Procter & Gamble.

Luvs makes one type of diaper, the Ultra Leakguard option. That may make it easier to decide which type to purchase for your little one.


Luvs used to be the premium version of Pampers, but now they’re marketed as a more affordable option. With a box of 216 size-2 priced around $27, you get each diaper for $0.12.


The absorbent gel used in Luvs is the same as the one that’s used in Pampers. The company does not use latex in its elastic. Like Pampers, Luvs uses materials that are processed without chlorine.

Therefore, the differences between Pampers and Luvs lie in the shape and design. The elastic on the sides and cuffs keeps leaks to a minimum. The leakguard core locks in moisture.

Luvs even offers a money-back guarantee, adding to the company’s credibility. The company is so confident about its’ diapers ability to contain moisture that it will refund you within 45 days of purchase if your diapers leak.

Consumer and Critical Reviews

According to Influenster, consumers like the designs, the effectiveness, and the price of Luvs diapers. One complaint that people have is that the diapers have a strong scent, however.

3. Huggies

Huggies offers a variety of diapers, including:

  1. Little Snugglers
  2. Little Snugglers Plus
  3. Little Movers
  4. Little Movers Plus
  5. Snug & Dry
  6. OverNites

Huggies diapers are free of:

  1. Elemental chlorine
  2. Natural rubber latex
  3. Fragrance
  4. Parabens
  5. EU allergens


A package of 186 size-2 Little Snugglers diapers costs about $38, which puts each diaper at $0.19.


Huggies feature GentleAbsorb liners and Leak Lock protection. They also claim that their double-grip strips stay in place better than others, especially for a mobile child. One of the most useful features is the pocketed waistband, which contains messes and prevents them from exploding up your infant’s back.

Consumer and Critical Reviews

These diapers have excellent reviews on Influenster. They praise the multiple layers and absorbency. Some mention that the moisture tends to gather in the center as opposed to being dispersed throughout the diaper, though.

4. Earth’s Best

If you’re looking for a more natural option than the primary diaper brands, Earth’s Best offers diapers that are free of the following chemicals:

  1. Chlorine
  2. Latex
  3. Dyes
  4. Perfumes
  5. Latex

They’re made from corn and wheat, which are renewable resources. Therefore, they are a little more environmentally friendly than their traditional counterparts.


A 40-count package of size-2 diapers costs about $32, making each diaper $0.80. You can find value packs of 136 to 180 diapers for around $35, which brings the individual diapers closer to $0.23, however.


These are among the softest natural diapers. They offer a leak-protection cuff, which helps messes stay inside the diapers.

Consumer and Critical Reviews

According to Baby Gear Lab, Earth’s Best diapers are durable and don’t leak, but the interior surface may feel wet to the touch. One of the other downfalls is that they may not be ideal for infants that are sensitive to wheat. Experienced Mommy says that the smaller diapers are soft, but they get stiffer as they move up in size.

5. Bambo Nature

This is another eco-friendly diaper option. The diapers are free of:

  1. Chlorine
  2. Added chemicals
  3. Dyes
  4. Perfumes
  5. Known allergens

Bambo Nature diapers is dedicated to using sustainable materials to make its products.


A package of 30 size-2 diapers costs $12, making each diaper $0.40.


Bambo Nature diapers have three layers and an extra-absorbent core. Because the backsheet is completely breathable, less sweat and moisture are likely to build up on baby’s skin. The waistband and leg openings are flexible and latex-free. They’re designed to stay in place even as your baby moves, preventing leaks. The wetness indicator on the diaper is convenient for parents and caregivers because it lets you know when your infant needs to be changed.

Consumer and Critical Reviews

Mama Natural says that these are among the softest natural diapers. They’re longer than other brands, coming up higher in the waist and potentially protecting against blow-outs that rise up the back. However, this diaper reportedly absorbs moisture like a sponge and stays dry against the skin.

6. The Honest Company

The Honest Company was founded in 2011 to provide added convenience to parents. Although its products can now be found in select stores, it began as a subscription-based diaper company.

The Honest Company also claims to create diapers that are friendlier to the environment and your children. They don’t contain latex, fragrances, or lotions, and they’re processed without chlorine.


It’s tough to determine the price per diaper because most subscription packages are sold as bundles with other products. One popular option is the Diapers and Wipes Bundle. You get seven packs of diapers and four packs of plant-based wipes. With 32 diapers in a size-2 pack, a monthly supply costs a total of $79.95 and breaks down to about $0.35 per diaper. That’s more expensive than some of the other options, but you get wipes too.


These diapers have a cloud-like liner, an improved fit to prevent leaks and a True Absorb core, which wicks away moisture in seconds and holds 17 times its weight in fluid. The leg cuffs and waistband are stretchy, comfortable, and secure.

Consumer and Critical Reviews

Consumers say that they like the cute designs on the diapers. Many choose to pay the premium prices because they prefer the convenience of having the diapers delivered automatically. According to, one of the only downfalls of this diaper is that it runs small.

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