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What Are the Benefits of Earning a Certificate in Project Management?

Whether you’re just beginning a job in project management or you’re an experienced professional, earning a certificate in project management can take your career to new heights. Getting certified is a fast process – and it’s easier than earning a degree.

For consultants and business professionals in any industry, a project management certification can be a huge asset. It could increase your credibility, make you eligible for new positions within a company, and even help you attract more clients and a higher salary.

Could a certificate in project management benefit you and your career? Here’s why many professionals are finding it to be a significant addition to any resumé. 

You’ll Learn New Skills Beneficial in Any Industry

When you earn your project management certificate, there are two options to choose from: the Project Management Professional (PMP) or Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). And no matter which one you choose, as long as you follow an accredited certificate program, you’ll learn skills that can help you succeed in absolutely any job.

Earning your PMP or CAPM certification means you’ll gain years of experience and in-depth job experience. In order to get certified, you need thousands of hours in on-the-job work experience. And you’ll study a code of ethics, professional conduct, and best practices for leading and managing projects in any setting.

Additionally, any project management certification teaches you important skills that are applicable to anyone in any career. You’ll master practical skills and put them to use, gain an understanding of the fundamental project management processes, and even study current trends in project management – all pieces of information that are transferable to any job.

A Project Management Certificate Makes You More In-Demand

When you earn a project management certificate, you’ll become more in-demand as a professional. And whether you’re currently working for a large organization or as an independent consultant, you’ll be able to attract new clients or climb higher up in your company.

Companies everywhere are recognizing the value of certified project managers. And with this special certificate on your resumé, hiring managers and employers will take notice. A project management certificate can make the difference in getting the job – or being passed over.

Additionally, with this certification you’ll be a qualified applicant for any jobs requiring project management skills. According to Grey Campus, PMP certification is one of the most valuable certificates you can earn, and companies will even put those with this certificate ahead of other job applicants when hiring.

You’ll Earn More Money

If you’re looking to earn a better salary or charge your consulting clients more money, a project management certificate can help you accomplish exactly that.

Certified project managers earn as much as 20 percent more than those who aren’t certified. A recent study found that non-certified project managers make an average salary of $91,000 – but with a certificate, project managers make an average of $108,000 annually.

Other research finds that achieving a project management certification can pay off even more. Baseline Magazine found that project managers could make more than $161,474 per year with a PMP or CAPM certification.

Companies and clients are willing to pay for your additional expertise. And though a project management certification does cost a few hundred dollars, it certainly pays off in the long run with a significantly higher salary.

Start Earning Your Project Management Certificate Today

Earning your project management certificate isn’t easy – but it is much simpler and quicker than earning a degree. In no time at all, you can apply for and begin working towards your certificate. 

According to the Project Management Institute, which is an accredited certification organization, any experienced project manager can apply to get certified. You’ll need to fill out an application, meet a few prerequisites, and have proven experience in leadership. But you don’t even need a college degree to begin your certification.

And you can search for certificate options that suit your needs. There are many different accredited organizations, including local colleges and online universities, that offer project management certification. You can search online, compare programs and their requirements, and choose the one that’s best for your career path.

Once you’ve achieved your certification, you’ll be ready to take on new roles, new clients, and a higher pay rate. All it takes is getting started today.

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