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What Are the Best Gay Cruise Options?

Finding the perfect cruise is no easy task, and finding one that suits your vacation style can be even tougher, especially if you’re searching for a gay or LGBT cruise. While there are tons of cruises for families and spring break travelers, finding a fun-filled gay cruise can be challenging.

Fortuntely, today there are more options for gay cruises than ever before. If you’re looking for an LGBT-friendly vacation on the high seas – or even stunning international rivers – check out these fantastic gay cruises.

1. Atlantis Events Oasis Mediterranean Cruise

Price: Starts at $1199

If it’s a fun-filled cruise aboard a ship that’s absolutely stunning, you won’t want to miss Atlantis Events’ Oasis Mediterranean Cruise. This cruise is billed as Europe’s biggest gay cruise, and it’s packed with everything you could possibly want on a vacation: outrageous parties, superstar DJs, live concerts, and a ship-wide entertainment festival.  

With a list of onboard features that includes six party spaces, five theaters, 13 restaurants, four incredible pools, an ice rink, two rock walls, a zip line, and seven different neighborhoods right at your fingertips, there’s truly nothing else you could want. You can enjoy meeting new people from more than 60 different countries as you sail to some of Europe’s very best ports. And if you ever want to hop off this incredible cruise, you can explore cities throughout the Mediterranean, including Naples, Cinque Terre, Marseilles, and Capri with shore excursions.

2. R Family Vacations Hawaiian Islands Cruise

Price: Starts at $1749

One of the best ways to see Hawaii is via a cruise ship, and the LGBT-friendly R Family Vacations Hawaiian Islands cruise is perhaps the top choice for any gay travelers. You’ll get the chance to visit each one of the Hawaiian islands, traveling all along the island chain and stopping in stunning ports nearly every day of your cruise. While visiting these ports, you can check out Hawaii’s famous beaches, and explore incredible shore excursion opportunities.

And the cruise ship itself is well worth boarding. You’ll island hop on the NCL’s Pride of America, a ship that’s loaded with features and things to do. With over 15 restaurants, 12 bars and lounges, special theme nights, mixers and onboard parties, and so many exciting activities to try, you’ll never get board whether you’re on or off the ship. And while you cruise, you’ll get the chance to try uniquely Hawaiian activities, foods, and cultural lessons.

3. Source Events Pride Cruise to Cuba

Price: Starts at $1350

Cuba is one of the hottest destinations to visit right now, so why not take an LGBT-friendly cruise down from Florida to check out this incredible island filled with unique history? Source Events offers a Pride Cruise to Cuba, which is specifically designed for gay travelers to hit the high seas and see the one-of-a-kind port of Havana. During this cruise, you’ll have fun and relax in the sun with more than 150 LGBT travelers from around the world.

During the Pride Cruise, you’ll spend six days exploring parties, events, entertainment, and excursions both on and off the ship. Your ports of call will include Havana, Key West, and Fort Lauderdale, along with a few days at sea to fully enjoy the ship itself. With the promise of VIP service and unforgettable events, you’re certain to have fun as you experience Cuba, dive into a new culture, and meet new people.

4. Atlantis Events Edge Caribbean Cruise

Price: Starts at $1199

Atlantis Events offers plenty of exciting cruise vacations for gay travelers, and one of the newest additions to their lineup is the Edge Caribbean Cruise. This cruise takes place on the Celebrity Cruises Edge, a ship that’s one of the most anticipated on the sea thanks to its incredible luxury and one-of-a-kind features. Available only to 2,900 gay cruise travelers, the Edge Caribbean Cruise will give you the experience of a lifetime while you’re onboard.

With innovative design and luxurious little details throughout each stateroom, dining room, and area of the ship, the Edge is full of surprises you’ll enjoy. And while onboard, you’ll get to enjoy details like the largest lap pool at sea, martini-glass shaped hot tubs, dance floors and outdoor party spaces, and a two-story lounge that overlooks the ocean. You can explore a rooftop garden, check out one of the ship’s bars, and even catch a movie at the outdoor cinema – all while meeting fellow travelers from around the world as you see the Caribbean’s most stunning sights.

5. Brand G Budapest to Bucharest Danube River Cruise

Price: Starts at $3999

If you want a vacation that will surround you with other LGBT travelers and allow you to relax yet still participate in a lively atmosphere, Brand G offers the Budapest to Bucharest Danube River cruise that will meet every one of your desires. All Brand G cruises are full-ship charters just for gay cruise travelers, meaning you’ll get the ship to yourself without worry – and all guests are required to be over 21 years old.

On this cruise, you’ll get the chance to pamper yourself while experiencing locales all along the river. With a staff to meet all of your needs, you’ll indulge in free beer, wine, and spirits as you see Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Romania. And you’ll also get to explore complimentary shore excursions, check out onboard entertainment, ride around on ship bicycles, and dine at excellent meals.

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