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What Are the Best Grocery Delivery Services?

Heading to the grocery store can be a monumental – and difficult task. Whether you’re a working professional, a busy parent, or someone with limited mobility, getting to the grocery store and shopping for what you need isn’t easy. It’s time consuming and can come with added costs, both financially and otherwise.

If you’re looking for a more convenient way to get your groceries, check out the following grocery delivery services. They make the entire process easier, getting your groceries from the store to your doorstep in no time.

Vons, Albertsons, or Pavilions Grocery Delivery

What It Is: Grocery delivery from your local Vons, Albertsons, or Pavilions store. You can choose from the exact same products available at your local store, purchasing everything from fresh produce to meat to frozen goods to alcohol (if available in your state).

Delivery Times: Vons, Albertsons, and Pavilions offer grocery delivery seven days a week, any time between 9AM and 10PM. You can choose same-day delivery or reserve a delivery day and time in advance.

The Cost: In most areas, orders under $150 are charged a $12.95 delivery fee. Orders over $150 are charged $9.95. The stores do run promotions and deals for free delivery, so make sure to check your email and weekly offers to see if you can qualify for free delivery.

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What It Is: Instacart offers quick grocery delivery from local stores in your neighborhood. You place your order online or via the Instacart app, and an Instacart personal shopper heads to the store to pick up exactly what you need. You can order anything you need from stores like Kroger, Sam’s Club, Costco, Smart & Final, Gelson’s, Whole Foods, Sprouts, and so many more. And no matter where you opt to order groceries from, Instacart can get them to your doorstep in just an hour or two.

Delivery Times: All Instacart deliveries are same-day, though you can shop online and reserve a delivery date and time in advance. Instacart delivers seven days a week, any time between 9AM and midnight, when shoppers are available. Groceries can be delivered in as soon as one hour or up to five hours after you place your order.

The Cost: All Instacart orders must be $10 or more to qualify for delivery. You’ll also pay a delivery fee, which varies based on the size of your order and the delivery time. Instacart Express, a paid membership, eliminates the delivery fee for all orders over $35.

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What It Is: An online grocer that delivers groceries directly from its very own stores. Yummy allows you to shop the shelves of its stores throughout Los Angeles online and have them delivered as quickly as possible. Designed to be faster and more convenient than a trip to your local grocery store, Yummy offers fresh groceries, from produce to meat to organic foods to prepared foods, hand-selected and delivered to your door.

Delivery Times: Yummy delivers from 8AM to midnight every day of the year except Thanksgiving and Christmas. Orders are delivered within 30 minutes.

The Cost: Yummy charges a $6.99 delivery fee. All orders must be a minimum of $14.99 to qualify for delivery. Delivery is free if you spend $125 or more.

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What It Is: An online shopping and delivery service, Shipt utilizes a network of shoppers to get exactly what you need from your favorite stores delivered to your door. Shipt is rapidly expanding, and offers its delivery service from stores like Target, Smart & Final, CVS, Meiger, and many more. You order what you need online or via the Shipt app, and a Shipt shopper with handpick your items, inspecting each one to ensure it meets your standards. You’ll even get live updates from your shopper while they’re in the store to ensure everything is perfect when delivered. From groceries to household essentials, you can order it all with Shipt.

Delivery Times: Shipt can deliver your groceries within one hour.

The Cost: There are two membership plans: yearly membership for $99 or monthly membership for $14. Delivery is free for members on all orders over $35. Order a smaller amount, and you’ll pay a $7 delivery fee.

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What It Is: AmazonFresh delivers groceries sourced from Amazon warehouses and Whole Foods stores right to your door. With Amazon’s huge inventory, you can go online and order absolutely anything you need. And just like a traditional grocery store, you’ll find your favorite brands, fresh produce, cleaning products, and even household amenities. AmazonFresh will deliver your order within a two-hour window, and you can place your order in advance of when you’ll need it.

Delivery Times: You can choose a two-hour window in which to have your groceries delivered. Delivery windows can be attended or unattended, and usually run between 7AM and 9PM. While same-day delivery can be limited at times, you can always order 24 hours or more in advance.

The Cost: AmazonFresh is a perk that’s reserved solely for Amazon Prime members. Prime members pay a monthly fee of $14.99 for the AmazonFresh benefit.

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