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What Are the Best Makeup Tips for Women Over 50?

Makeup can do wonders for your skin and your overall appearance – but only if you know how to apply it. And as we age, our skin changes, making makeup a little more challenging.

The aging process can leave you seeking new ways to cover up fine lines, wrinkles, and other  new changes. And it can require an entirely new method of applying makeup. If you’re looking for tips for your changing skin, check out these important makeup tips for women age 50 and older.

Don’t Skimp On Skincare

Skincare is a crucial step in absolutely anyone’s daily routine. But how you’re taking care of your skin becomes increasingly important as you age.

Aging can make your skin thinner and bring on the appearance of everything from fine lines to deep wrinkles to discoloration. While makeup can help cover up and camouflage these changes, it’s crucial that you prep your skin with good skincare habits. Your skincare habits will help protect your skin from any more damage, can halt some signs of aging, and can leave you looking your best.

If you’re age 50 or older, make sure you’re doing the following as part of your skincare regimen:



Use Primer Before Applying Any Makeup

Once your skincare routine is complete, there’s one more step mature women should take before applying any makeup: apply primer.

Primer does exactly what its name implies. It primes, or prepares, your skin for the makeup you’ll be wearing. It can smooth out some visible signs of aging and help your makeup last for the entire day, and it’s a particularly big help for seniors.

According to professionals, primer helps with one of the biggest aging changes. As you get older, your skin grows thinner. And this can make your skin appear a little translucent, giving you some unevenness and blue, purple, or red spots. Applying primer can even out your skin tone, smooth out any areas of texture, and reduce the appearance of pores. Your makeup will be longer-lasting and smoother with this base layer.

Take a Gentler Approach to Eyeliner

Eyeliner can really make your eyes pop, which is an important factor for women over age 50. Thanks to aging, your eyelids can begin to droop or appear more hooded, which can make your eyes look smaller. However, instead of applying eyeliner like you’ve always done, consider a new method.

Instead of using a liquid liner, try a pencil. Eyeliner pencils tend to look softer than liquid versions, which is better for aging women. And when you’re applying the pencil liner, avoid dragging it across your eyelid. Instead, dot the pencil along your lash line and smudge it with your fingers or a brush.

This application method will soften your eyeliner even more, helping to enhance your eyes without any clear, harsh lines. You’ll make your eyes look wider and like your liner is perfectly natural.

Avoid Powders and Choose Liquid Instead

Powder makeup products are a popular choice for women of all ages. But if you’ve been using a powder foundation, concealer, or blush, you could be aging yourself.

Women age 50 and older have skin that’s changed. You likely have more fine lines and wrinkles than you used to, which provides the perfect opportunity for powders to fall into those lines and settle. And that can actually enhance any wrinkles you do have, making them appear deeper and more obvious.

Opt for non-powder makeup products whenever possible. You can try liquid or cream-based foundations, eyeshadows, blushes, and more. These formulas will do a better job at smoothing and evening out your skin.

Choose the Right Foundation to Conceal Signs of Aging

As mentioned in the last tip, changing up your foundation can make a big difference in how your skin looks. Whether you’ve been relying on the same foundation for years or have skipped it altogether, reaching age 50 means you should reassess your foundation needs.

If you’ve already been using foundation, make sure you’re using a creamy or liquid formula. These foundations are better at providing lightweight coverage that hides any flaws you’re looking to hide. And unlike powder foundations, they won’t settle into fine lines or wrinkles.

Additionally, if you haven’t been using foundation, it’s a good idea to start once you’ve reached your senior years. Concealer can only tackle small areas of your face, and it can’t offer the same smooth, flawless finish as foundation. Instead, opt for a foundation that you can layer or build upon, like a light or medium coverage.

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