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What Are the Best Mattress Brands for Seniors?

As you get older, sleep becomes even more important. Your body and mind require a good night’s sleep to recharge, and a single bad night of sleep can leave you with aches, pains, and limited energy.

And seniors need their mattresses to be perfectly comfortable. If you’re looking for a mattress that’s high in quality and perfect for seniors’ sleep needs, make sure to consider the following top mattress brands.


Price: Mattresses start at $350.

If it’s a mattress that offers comfortable, deep, and truly restorative sleep that you need, Casper offers the perfect solution. This innovative mattress company offers three different types of mattresses, all made out of high-quality foam that’s breathable and cool. You can choose the Wave, which the highest comfort level and targeted ergonomic support; the Casper, the brand’s most popular mattress; or the Essential, which offers affordable comfort. With a focus on support, Casper’s mattresses will keep you comfortable while sleeping, no matter your body’s needed.

Benefits for Seniors:


Price: Mattresses start at $600.

Foam mattresses may be the hot option right now, but Helix offers a unique blend that achieves the best of the mattress world: foam and springs. Each Helix mattress is designed to relieve pressure on the body, featuring memory foam that cushions and supports the body along with inner springs that contour the body and alleviate pain on pressure points. As the number one rated mattress for 2019, Helix truly has a mattress for every body. This is a mattress brand that will improve your comfort, help you get a good night’s sleep, and offer support for decreased pain.

Benefits for Seniors:


Price: Queen-sized mattresses start at $1199.

From the construction of the mattress itself to the materials used, what makes up a mattress matters significantly. And when you choose an Amerisleep mattress, you’re choosing to sleep on something that has quality in every level of its design. Created with performance materials, eco-friendly materials, and an emphasis on specialized mattresses for different sleeping styles, Amerisleep mattresses can meet your exact needs. Amerisleep uses materials that can keep you cool, deeply asleep, and even rejuvenated when awake. With revolutionary new mattress technology and materials, you’ll enjoy big changes and benefits in your nightly sleep.

Benefits for Seniors:


Price: Mattress varieties start at $2199.

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are truly unlike any other mattresses. They’re high-tech and exceptionally comfortable, customizable for individuals and couples, and available for every sleeper’s needs. Tempur-Pedic made its name in adjustable mattresses, offering revolutionary mattresses that can be customized with different levels of firmness or softness for a better night’s sleep. And the brand’s mattresses have only become more impressive and advanced today. With new materials, the latest Temper-Pedic options can adapt to your body shape, your pressure points, and your spine.

Benefits for Seniors:

Serta iComfort

Price: Queen mattresses start at $1099.

Serta has long been a popular mattress brand, but today it’s one of the best choices for memory foam and hybrid mattresses. With all-new mattresses that offer comfort that can’t be matched by others, Serta’s iComfort line features the latest in supportive, cozy sleep. Both Serta iComfort Hybrid and iComfort Foam mattresses offer advanced memory foams that control movement on your mattress and support you with pressure-relieving strength. And you’ll remain cool every night thanks to Serta’s TempActive technology, which is breathable and helps you maintain the right sleep temperature.

Benefits for Seniors:

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