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What Are the Best Mattresses on the Market Currently?

Shopping for a mattress can often be overwhelming. Traditionally, you go to a mattress store where they have thousands of options to choose from and a plethora of sample beds waiting to be tested. Even worse, online shopping has endless mattress options all asserting that they are the best mattress in the industry.

To help simplify the process, here are some of the best mattresses currently available.

Best Overall Mattress

U.S. News recently researched more than 200 mattresses to find the top mattresses. After sifting through all the third-party reviews, they concluded that the Avocado Green Mattress is the Best Mattress of 2021.

Although the Avocado Green Mattress is on the expensive side, as the queen is priced at $1,599, it comes with many premium features. It is a hybrid mattress, utilizing both an innerspring layer and latex rubber foam layer. Plus, it utilizes organic cotton and wool for increased comfort. With the combination of these materials, you have an extremely comfortable mattress without the heat retention issues memory foam mattresses are known to have.

Best Budget

The Allswell Luxe Hybrid mattress is an all-around fantastic mattress. Based on an aggregation of expert reviews, the mattress ranks:

The Allswell Luxe Hybrid mattress is currently priced at a low $675. While this is a shockingly low price, it still delivers on quality in a variety of ways.

The Luxe Hybrid suits the needs of many sleepers because it combines the innerspring coils of a firm mattress with the layer of memory foam found in softer mattresses. There is minimal motion transfer as each innerspring coil is wrapped in fabric. Better yet, it provides substantial cushioning with a high-density foam layer topped with an additional copper gel infused memory foam layer.

The Luxe Hybrid has a quilted top panel made from Allswell’s signature SwirlFoam material. This helps to keep users cool at night by preventing body heat from getting trapped, a common issue among most foam mattresses.

Best Mattress for Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain, one of the best options to go with is the WinkBed mattress. WinkBed was founded by Dan Adler in 2014. Adler looked to revolutionize the mattress industry by supplying made to order mattresses with a focus on craftsmanship.

Professional reviewers note that the WinkBed is ideal for those who suffer from backpain. Their mattress provides a similar feel to a traditional innerspring but with a modern cushioning pillow top. The innerspring and cushion layer can be adjusted to supply three different levels of firmness:

  1. Softer;
  2. Luxury firm, and;
  3. Firm.

If you are looking for a mattress that conforms to your body, like memory foam is known to do, the WinkBed is not the choice for you. Instead, WinkBed users benefit from increased breathability, which is great for hot sleepers. The firm mattress, edge support, and innersprings, are ideal for those who are mainly concerned with alleviating back pain and correcting spinal alignment.

Since WinkBed prioritizes craftsmanship, the mattresses aren’t necessarily cheap. A queen mattress from WinkBed will set you back $1,799. However, you can save $300 off the mattress when using a product discount code.

Best Cooling Mattress

If you are a hot sleeper, best take a look at the Nolah Original 10. In fact, U.S. News has named it the Best Cooling Mattress for 2021.

Many mattresses now utilize memory foam, which is known to trap in heat and result in sleepless and sweaty nights for some users. The Nolah Original 10 is optimized to provide similar levels of comfortability that memory foam is known for, but without trapping body heat. Nolah has accomplished this by designing their mattress with proprietary materials they call AirFoam.

The Nolah Original 10 is Nolah’s best-selling mattress as it supplies long-lasting durability, pressure relief, body contouring, and excellent cooling. Even better, the mattress is priced surprisingly low when considering all the great features. A queen WinkBed can be purchased for as low as $899.

Best Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepers who love the sensation of sinking into their bed at night should consider the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress. Nectar tied for U.S. News’ Best Memory Foam Mattress of 2021 for good reason.

Nectar’s mattress is made with three layers of foam. The foundation is formed with a seven-inch base layer of foam with an additional two inches of foam for support. Most importantly, the top layer is composed of three inches of gel-infused memory foam. The top layer is also covered with polyethylene, which helps diffuse body heat.

A queen-sized Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is usually priced at $1,298. During promotions, the mattress is available for as low as $799.

If the mattress seems too pricey or you aren’t quite sold on Nectar, the company offers a 365-night sleep trial. This is a great option for consumers who want a higher end memory foam mattress but want to ensure they are making the correct choice. However, Nectar has faith that their customers are going to love their products, as they even offer a lifetime warranty on their mattresses.

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