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What Are The Best Pick & Choose Cell Phone Plans?

It’s expensive to own a cell phone in America. On top of paying hundreds of dollars for a new device, you can also get roped into paying the average price of nearly $100 per month for a plan. Luckily, there is a simpler and cheaper way to own a cell phone. Pick & Choose plans allow you to build your own plan in an affordable way. You can find out what these plans offer with a quick online search.

Aside from saving money, there are other benefits to choosing a Pick & Choose Plan. Searching online right now allows you to compare cell phone plans that work for your budget and needs.

Here are some benefits of Pick & Choose cell phone plans and potential plans to consider.

Perks Of Pick & Choose Cell Phone Plans

There are a lot of benefits to considering a Pick & Choose phone plan. First, it gives you the opportunity to design a phone plan that fits your needs and your budget. For example, you won’t be forced to pay extra money for large amounts of data that you won’t use.

Pick & Choose phone plans are ideal for occasional or short-term cell phone users. These phone plans are relatively inexpensive, and you can opt out anytime since you’re not tied to a contract. It gives you the luxury of having a phone as you need it without the formalities that traditional contracts require.

Another benefit is that you don’t need a credit history to buy a Pick & Choose phone plan because it doesn’t require a long-term contract or credit check. This can be good for young people without a credit card or cell phone users with a poor credit score.

If you’re thinking of signing a long-term plan in the future but aren’t sure what you will need as a user, Pick & Choose plans are a good trial run option. You can test out your data and minutes usage without being tied to a contract and can adjust your needs accordingly. This is also a good option for parents thinking of getting their kid or teenager on a phone plan.

The Best Pick & Choose Plans

As Pick & Choose plans are becoming more popular, many phone companies are now offering their own promotions and incentives. You can choose a pre-designed plan option or customize one yourself to fit your needs.

Here are some of the best ones currently available.


It’s easy to customize your phone plan with Tello. Whichever plan you decide on, a new customer incentive lets you pay just $4 on your first month’s payment. The website allows you to play around and see how much your plans will cost going forward.

All plans get free unlimited texting, allowing you to choose how many minutes data you want to come with it. Your minutes can be used on international phone calls to Canada, Mexico and China. The most expensive plan gives you unlimited data, unlimited minutes and free texting for $40.

Verizon Prepaid Phone Plan

Verizon has plenty of phone plans allowing you to keep your current phone or finance a new one. The cheapest plan available is $30 per month. It gives you unlimited U.S. talk and text, 5GB of high-speed data and a mobile hotspot.

Prepaid plans costing $40 or higher are eligible for future loyalty discounts. After three months of service, you can save $5 per month. After nine months of service, that discount becomes $10 per month.

T-Mobile Connect

Data is a major contributor to high cell phone plans. With T-Mobile Connect, you can still use data at an affordable price. The program was designed for customers who moderately use data and for people who don’t want to pay unaffordable rates.

All plans with T-Mobile Connect come with a fixed monthly amount of data. You can choose between two plans: a $15 plus tax for 2GB of data or a $25 plus tax plan that comes with 5GB of data. Each plan comes with unlimited talk and text, and T-Mobile will give you an additional 500MB annually without increasing your monthly rate.

Republic Wireless

With Republic Wireless, you can forgo the phone bill from your monthly expenses and choose to pay a one-time annual fee instead. Annual fees start at $150, and you can save $30 by opting for an annual plan instead of paying per month for the same plan.

The most popular plan costs $20 monthly or $200 annually. It gives you 1BG of data and unlimited home phone service. If you decide that amount of data isn’t enough, you can buy an extra GB for $5 monthly.

Compare Pick & Choose Cell Phone Plans Online

Pick & Choose phone plans give you the freedom of building a phone plan that meets your needs and fits your budget. Instead of being roped into an overpriced long term contract, you can choose a Pick & Choose plan that has no contract and can be canceled anytime.

Search online for the many phone plans available. Compare three to five phone companies before signing up to see what your options are. You can find various promotions and customer incentives online by searching for Pick & Choose phone plans.

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