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What Are the Best Places to Buy a Recliner Chair Online?

A recliner chair may not be the most stylish piece of furniture, but it’s an essential. Every home needs an incredibly comfortable chair that allows you to sit down, put your feet up, and relax.

And today, recliners are even cooler. The newest recliners offer improved comfort and unique, fun amenities. If you’re looking for the perfect recliner to add to your home, you need to shop online to see all of the options available.

The internet is home to thousands of choices in recliner chairs, from traditional to innovative and in every possible price range. When you start your search for a brand new recliner, make sure to consider the following retailers. They offer a great selection, and you can shop their recliners online without having to leave home – or your current recliner.

Best Choice Products

Price: Recliners are priced as low as $145

Types of Recliners Offered:

Why This Retailer Is Best: One of the biggest reasons to shop for a new recliner chair at Best Choice Products (BCP) is the potential for big savings. This retailer was founded to offer a selection of high-quality products at reasonable prices for exceptional value. There are no hidden costs, and you’ll find that the recliners sold by BCP are truly great quality. You’ll see prices slashed right on each recliner, and by cutting out the middleman that’s traditionally involved in retail, you can save a ton of money on your next recliner.

Best Choice Products also offers plenty of opportunities for recliner shoppers to save money on their new chairs. With weekly deals and specials, a BCP Rewards program that offers points for every purchase, and warranties on every recliner, this online retailer ensures you’ll be happy with your purchase – especially for the price you pay.

Ashley HomeStore

Price: Recliner prices start at $270

Types of Recliners Offered:

Why This Retailer Is Best: At Ashley HomeStore, you’ll have just one problem: deciding which recliner chair is the right one for you. With hundreds of different options in every fabric, color, and style, the selection of available recliners is vast at this online and in-person retailer. From basic reclining chairs to gliders, rockers, and swiveling recliners, you can find it all here. Ashley HomeStore has the latest options in recliners, like electric recliners that can help you relax with a single button and oversized or loveseat-sized recliners with space for two. You can visit a local Ashley HomeStore location to try out these recliners for yourself too.

And there are plenty of opportunities to save money when you purchase a recliner from Ashley HomeStore. This furniture retailer hosts seasonal sales, discount events, and special offers just for new and returning customers. If you’re looking to save, just make sure to shop around and look for available coupons, discounts, and sales happening on the Ashley HomeStore website. With additional options like easy delivery on your schedule, Ashley HomeStore can offer exactly what you need to make shopping effortless.


Price: Recliner prices as low as $114

Types of Recliners Offered:

Why This Retailer Is Best: If it’s a vast selection of recliners priced with your budget that you’re looking for, there’s no better online retailer than Wayfair. Offering an entire world of home furniture and a selection of recliner chairs that includes many upholstery choices, reclining styles, and sizes, you can find the perfect recliner for your needs easily. No matter where you plan to place your recliner or what level of comfort you’re seeking, Wayfair offers the right recliner.

And while you’re browsing the selection of recliner chairs available at Wayfair online, you’ll notice that the wide array includes only deeply discounted recliners. As a deals-focused retailer, Wayfair offers only recliners that are truly a great deal. You don’t need a coupon – Wayfair offers sales and discounted pricing every day of the year to help you find the right price on the right recliner chair.

Home Depot

Price: Recliner prices start at $130

Types of Recliners Offered:

Why This Retailer Is Best: Home Depot may be a retailer you think of for tools and equipment, but it’s also a fantastic place to shop for furniture – especially if you’re looking for an incredible new recliner chair. The selection of recliners available at Home Depot, particularly the retailer’s website, is extensive and impressive. Home Depot’s recliners include high-tech options with massage functionality, loveseat recliner sets, memory foam options, and even recliners with USB ports, coolers, and cup holders.

You’ll find some of the most intriguing recliners online with Home Depot, but there are plenty of traditional recliner chairs available as well. No matter what kind you’re looking for, you can potentially score savings too. With seasonal sales, coupons, and local pricing, make sure to shop your local Home Depot as well as the internet to find the right price on your next recliner.

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