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What Are 5 Unique Ways I Can Use A Storage Unit?

Storage units can make life a lot easier. Whether you’re moving or your home is overrun with items you can’t part with just yet, storage units are a $39.5 billion industry that people rely on. What you might not expect is that storage units can be utilized for more than its typical purpose. People have discovered creative and helpful ways to use these spaces in their day-to-day lives. You can search online to find out how others are using their storage units.

Not only are storage units helpful, but they are also quite affordable. A search online will show you the facilities in your area and the current rates.

Here are five ways you could use a storage unit beyond merely storing your belongings.

1. Make It A Private Gym

You can forget about paying high membership fees and working out beside sweaty strangers. Instead, rent a storage unit. The unit is a blank space which allows you to customize it to meet your personal fitness needs. Invest in the equipment that is most important to you. Plus, you won’t have to worry about sharing equipment that may or may not have been wiped down by the previous user.

To make your own gym, rent a unit that is at least a 10 by 10 feet. You will want to make sure you don’t feel crammed in your unit but also avoid paying extra for a unit that is too big. Consider investing in a climate controlled unit so you can keep cool during workout sessions. Get a mat to cover the concrete floor, purchase some efficient organizers for your equipment and see if there are any upcoming promotions from storage facilities to save money on your monthly rental.

2. Emergency Storage

It’s always smart to keep emergency supplies on hand in case anything happens. Make a storage unit part of your emergency plan and keep it gull of things you might need in case you can’t make it home or to the stores.

There are many instances where having emergency storage may be helpful, such as if you’re living in a place that’s at risk of experiencing severe weather. It can also be helpful to have a secure place to store items in case your home suddenly isn’t safe and you can’t bring things whenever you’re headed.

3. Create a Workshop

Not everyone has a garage, shed or backyard to tackle hands-on projects. Perhaps you’re looking to refurbish old furniture, build something from scratch, or use equipment that can make things messy at home. A storage unit could become a makeshift workshop where you can be productive and keep your equipment properly stored.

Working in a storage unit instead of at home could also help you achieve a better work-life balance. Instead of working on everything at home, the storage unit could be a designated place where you get stuff done. Whatever the reason, a storage rental could be a worthwhile investment for DIY projects or side hustles.

4. Art Studio

Do you need some privacy to get your creativity flowing? Consider turning a storage unit into your personal art studio. This can come in handy for people who don’t have an extra bedroom or den at home to use as an artistic space. It’s also a great spot to store all of your supplies, and you can even hang everything up on display in your storage unit until you find a spot for it elsewhere.

5. Rehearsal Space

Some musicians have discovered how useful storage units can be for rehearsing their music. It’s a private, quiet place where you don’t have to worry about disturbing neighbors or other people in your home. Opt for a temperature-controlled unit so you’re comfortable while spending time in there.

It’s also a convenient place to store your instruments without worrying about lugging them around each time you rehearse. Keep in mind that not every storage unit has access to electricity and make sure you choose a storage facility that doesn’t have noise ordinances.

Search Online For Storage Units Near You

For whatever reason you might need a storage unit, they are not hard to find. There are over 47,000 self-storage facilities in the U.S. that are looking for people to fill them. To find a good deal, search online to see what the fees are. You can compare the different units available, see which ones are the cheapest, and discover if there are any promotions happening that can save you money on a monthly rental.

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