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What Questions Should Be Asked Before Hiring Housekeeping Services?

If you’re in need of some help around the house, why not hire a housekeeper? There are a ton of different cleaning companies that provide services for in-depth or regular cleans that will leave your home spick and span — without having to do the work yourself. Before hiring a cleaning company, it’s important to do your research to make sure they are professional and a fit for your needs as a customer. You can find housekeeping services by searching online.

Asking the right questions when choosing a cleaning company will give you clarity and ease in the rates, process, and credentials. To find housekeeping services near you, start an online search.

Here are three questions to ask before hiring cleaners.

1. How Are Rates Set?

There are a few ways housekeeping service fees can be determined. They could charge by the hour, by the project, or even by the number of employees they send to your home. Find out this information before you ask more specific questions about the rates.

The cost of housekeeping services will ultimately depend on several factors. This includes what rooms you need cleaned, the type of clean, the size of your home, and the frequency of cleaning. Cleaners that are further away may charge more to cover transportation costs, and cleaners with more experience may charge more based on merit.

Reputable cleaning companies will provide a list of services on their website. You may be able to get a quote for specific services by contacting them through the website or over the phone. Giving them details about your desired service and home specs will help you receive a better estimate.

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2. What is the Cleaning Process Like?

Each company will have their own guidelines, routines, and rules to follow. Some companies have their own cleaning schedules for recurring customers, while others might clean on an as-needed basis. Ask what services are included in routine visits so you’re not surprised if a task is (or is not) completed.

The cleaning process can also differ depending on the type of clean you’re requesting. For example, the process for a deep or spring cleaning will be more intensive than a more general clean.

Ask whether or not the cleaners can work with kids and pets in the house. If you want them to clean up while you’re running errands, find out how they can prefer to gain access to your home. Knowing the answers to these little questions will help you learn if the company is a fit for your lifestyle.

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3. How Experienced is Your Company?

This question will tell you everything you need to know about a company’s reputation and experience. For example, knowing how long the company has been in business will help you avoid newer companies that lack a history of satisfied customers. Bigger companies will typically allow you to try out different housekeepers with recurring service so you can find a professional that’s best for you.

Another key factor to learn more about is the cleaning staff that will actually be entering your home. Ask if the business conducts a background check on all employees to give you some peace of mind about the strangers working inside your home. You should also learn if the company is insured and bonded just in case something gets broken or missing while your house is being cleaned.

Of course, you should always take your inquiry one step further and do your own research. The appraisals on company websites will always be positive and potentially misguided. Look for reviews online from customers that will give you an unbiased opinion of the company.

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Search Online for House Cleaning Businesses Near You

Hiring a cleaning service can make your life a lot easier. Whether your home is in need of a deep clean or you could use some help with regular upkeep, hiring a quality cleaning service could be worth the investment.

To prevent added costs, search online to find a cleaning company in your area. Compare a few different ones online and make sure to ask the necessary questions before committing to a hire.

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