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Which Apps Help You Connect To Friends And New People?

If you’re running out of things to do on TikTok, Instagram or Twitter, perhaps you’ll want to try some other social apps. There are various platforms you can use to connect with friends, family, or strangers with like minded interests. Whether it be networking, hobbies, or you simply want to talk with someone, niche apps give you an opportunity to socialize in a fun and engaging way. Search online to see what apps are available to download for free.

Not only are these apps entertaining, but they’re also easy to use. Find out how to sign up and start chatting with friends by searching online.

Here are some apps you can use to connect with friends.


Join 100 million people on Discord, a platform that connects you to friends and communities. You can talk, video chat, or text with others either on your computer or mobile device. And it’s completely free to use.

The app was initially launched in 2015 for video game fans who wanted to feel a sense of togetherness while playing with other gamers. Since then, it’s grown into a place where anyone can join a conversation with other people around the world.

Whether it be hiking clubs, fandoms, art communities, or other topics and special interests, there’s a group for it. Discord has more than 19 million active servers per week and four billion server conversation minutes each day. Given how user-friendly the platform is, it’s easy for people to engage with other users upwards of four hours daily.


Socialize and expand your professional network by joining Clubhouse. This invite-only app is available to download on iOS and Android devices. It’s an app where users can drop-in to audio conversations and listen to hear what people have to say around the world.

So far, it’s a chat app that’s been widely known as a business-like network for working professionals who want to be heard. Maybe it’s an influencer talking to their followers, or an expert in their field sharing their knowledge with interested viewers. Whatever topics you’re willing to listen to, it’s probably on Clubhouse.

To join, you’ll need to be invited by an existing user. You can listen in on conversations as they are happening. Since it’s like listening to a phone call, there are no videos or images. Moderators can choose to let other people join if they raise their hand.

Ultimately, it’s a cool way to hear people you’re interested in talk about anything and everything.


If you want to socialize like you’re at a party without actually having to leave your house, then Houseparty is an app worth downloading. It’s a video chatting app that allows up to eight users to be in a virtual room at once.

Users can come and go between an infinite amount of rooms, giving you a chance to chat with whoever may be in that chat. You can add friends on the app and receive notifications whenever a friend opens the app or joins a chat. Friends of friends can also join Houseparty rooms, so you may end up talking with new people. Alternatively, you can also lock a room to prevent others from popping in the chat.

Houseparty even gives you a chance to not only chat, but play party games. Clicking the dice will ask friends to play games like Heads Up!, Trivia, and others. For people who play Fortnite, the app offers a mode so you can cast your party into Fornite while you play.

Houseparty is available to download on iOs, Android, Mac, and PC devices. It’s also available to use as a Google Chrome extension on your browser.


Go back to the basics of online socializing with Skype. This tried and true platform allows you to easily connect with friends and family over video chat, online phone calls, and instant messaging. It’s user-friendly for all tech skill sets and free to use.

Skype is free to use for anyone with an internet connection. It could come in handy for people without access to a phone since Skype can be used both on a computer or mobile device. The app can be downloaded onto your laptop in a couple steps, making it easy to log on and off whenever you need to use it.

Alternatively, Skype can be used on a web browser without having to download a thing. Simply search up Skype online, make an account, and choose how you want to chat with the people you know.

Discover More Apps With an Online Search

Social media apps give you the opportunity to connect with friends, family, and strangers with like minded interests. You can find niche communities around things you want to talk about and even make new connections along the way.

To get started, choose an app and download it on your mobile device. Search online to find out which platforms are also available to use on computers. Just make a free account, add some friends, and explore the various features to get started.

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