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Which Auto Insurance Companies Are Best for Drivers Who’ve Been in an Accident?

Auto insurance isn’t cheap – but it’s especially expensive if you’ve been in an accident. Reporting an accident, a traffic ticket, or another infraction on the road can cause your auto insurance premiums to skyrocket. A single fender bender could leave you paying hundreds of dollars more for years after the actual accident.

If you make a single claim on your auto insurance, you’ll wind up paying an average of 41 percent more on your premiums. And if you get in two accidents, or need to make two claims, you’ll see a shocking increase of 93 percent. This could wreck your financial future.

Fortunately, there are options. If you’re a “high-risk driver”, or someone who’s been in an accident or two, there are auto insurance companies you can turn to. And you don’t have to pay increasingly high premiums.

Check out the following auto insurance companies, all of which offer policies and options for high-risk drivers. These companies are the best for anyone who has a claim on their record.

Bristol West

Bristol West is an excellent insurance provider for anyone who’s considered a high-risk driver. Available in a number of U.S. states, this company offers down payment options, flexible payment plans, and policies that are designed to suit unique drivers. There are options for new drivers, old drivers, urban drivers, owners of older vehicles, and anyone who’s been labeled as risky to insure. 


Allstate is one of the biggest names in auto insurance – but that doesn’t mean drivers who’ve been in an accident or two need to worry about its premiums and policies. And Allstate is actually one insurance provider that helps drivers work to get their record back on track. The company offers financial incentives that encourage drivers to stay safe and proactive on the road, like sending you a check for every 6 months you drive without an accident. And after a year of no accident, you could see a deductible discount, percentage discounts, and other benefits too.

State Farm

State Farm is another popular auto insurance company. And surprisingly, this big insurance brand offers reasonably-priced plans and premiums. State Farm also offers benefits designed to help high-risk drivers, like the Drive Safe and Save program that tracks your in-car behavior and gives you discounts for good driving. You’ll also get auto insurance discounts if you prove that you aren’t as high-risk as your record claims.


Progressive often advertises its great insurance options – but did you know that this popular auto insurance provider got its start by insuring only high-risk drivers? Today, Progressive still offers a number of benefits for any drivers who’ve been in accidents or racked up a few tickets. You can pay your premiums in installments, rely on a streamlined claims and repairs process, and will have no trouble getting insured.


You’re likely familiar with Geico, but did you know that this insurance company has a branch for high-risk drivers? Geico Casualty is a high-risk subsidiary of Geico, and it’s easy to sign up and get a premium quote. When you sign up for Geico Casualty, the insurance company will use a points-based system to decide your payments. Your cost is based on your driving record and coverage choices. And you’ll potentially qualify for discounts like a renewal or good driver discount.


Titan is an auto insurance company that’s actually a subsidiary of Nationwide. And unlike other insurance companies that can turn you down if you’re considered high-risk, Titan will insure drivers that other companies won’t. This company will even welcome customers with drunk driving convictions and can provide you with SR-22 paperwork if needed. 

The General

The General is a no-frills, basic coverage auto insurance provider. And these qualities make it an excellent option for anyone who’s been in an accident. The General will insure just about any driver, even with issues on your record. You can get an SR-22 form, a quick online quote, and low-cost state minimum coverage options. Additionally, this company also offers low down payments and flexible payment plans, which are great for anyone on a budget.

Acceptance Insurance

Acceptance Insurance is the company to turn to if you’re struggling to find an insurance company. This company regularly accepts drivers in need of SR-22 paperwork, and it caters its plans to those who are considered high-risk drivers. In fact, Acceptance Insurance is specifically suited for high-risk customers. The company will even file your SR-22 paperwork for you, no matter which one of its many plans you choose.

It’s Easy to Find Auto Insurance Designed for High-Risk Drivers

Although it can seem like you have limited options when you’re a high-risk driver, this isn’t the truth. There are insurance companies out there who will gladly accept you and your driving record. And you don’t necessarily have to pay high premium prices or get less-than-desirable coverage.

If you’ve been in an accident, you simply need to know which auto insurance companies offer policies for you. You could even score discounts on these high-risk policies, if you choose the right insurance company. Doing your research – searching online and comparing different policies and premium costs – can help you find the right fit, regardless of your driving record.

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