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Which Cell Phone Companies Offer the Best Hassle-Free Plans for Seniors?

Cell phones are becoming increasingly complicated. Just figuring out how to make a call on your newest phone can be tough!

From dazzling high-tech features to confusing contracts to surprise fees, having a cell phone is anything but simple and straightforward. And as many seniors know, cell phones are only getting more complicated – and more expensive.

A rising cell phone bill with unexpected charges is frustrating, especially for seniors living on fixed incomes. That’s why you need a different kind of cell phone plan: a hassle-free, affordable plan.

More and more seniors are using cell phones. And that’s leading more cell phone companies to offer convenient, easy-to-use plans. So, if you’re having trouble with your cell phone provider, check out the following worry-free plan choices offered specifically for seniors.

Consumer Cellular

Senior-Friendly Plan: Unlimited Talk & Text + 2GB Data

Monthly Price: $30

What This Plan Includes:

Perks Seniors Will Love: The Unlimited Talk & Text plan from Consumer Cellular comes with no contract, which makes it perfect for seniors who want to change their cell phone service to meet their needs. Seniors can build their own plans to include the features they need, from phone calls to data to texting. There are no activation fees, no cancellation fees, and no fees for overages.


Senior-Friendly Plan: GreatCall Jitterbug Smart Plan

Monthly Price: $59.99

What This Plan Includes:

Perks Seniors Will Love: GreatCall Jitterbug Smart Plan is designed for seniors in every way. You’ll get a phone that’s made for your needs: easy to use, big and clear buttons, and special features meant to keep you safe. Each Jitterbug plan comes with a Health and Safety option, which acts as a medical alert right on your phone. You can easily access your medical information, and your phone will include apps to help you manage your medications and health needs.


Senior-Friendly Plan: T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+

Monthly Price: $50

What This Plan Includes:

Perks Seniors Will Love: As a plan that’s only available to T-Mobile customers age 55 and older, the ONE Unlimited 55+ cell phone plan offers exactly what seniors need at an affordable monthly price. With taxes and all fees included, you’ll enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data to use your phone freely. You can also enjoy unlimited DVD streaming online with the T-Mobile app, use your phone as a mobile hotspot, and try Wi-Fi calling as texting if service isn’t available.

Seniors: Switch to a New Cell Phone Provider and Make Life Easier

If you’re frustrated with the high prices and complicated details of your cell phone plan, it’s time to make a change. You don’t have to struggle with a cell phone provider that doesn’t cater to your needs – especially if they’re charging high prices.

There are cell phone companies out there who understand their senior customers. And there are even plans designed just for your unique needs, from medical alerts to free calls and texts to low-priced options. You can get everything you want from your cell phone company without dealing with rising costs or complicated contracts. In fact, you might even be able to switch to a senior-friendly company to make the entire process of carrying a cell phone easier.

Take the time to do your research and find a new cell phone plan that works for you. Research companies with better service, senior-friendly cell phone choices, and affordable prices. With the right cell phone company, you can make your cell phone easier and simpler.

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