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Which Custom Closet Solutions Are Best for Adults Age 50 and Older?

As we age, little tasks get a bit more difficult each day. Getting dressed in the morning, trying to grab items from difficult-to-reach spots, and even bending or reaching within a closet can all become challenging – but not if you have a closet that’s custom designed to meet your needs.

A custom closet can make the little things far easier for every adult. Here are a few of the best custom closets solutions that can be perfectly designed to suit adults age 50 and older.

Modular Closets

If you’re looking for a custom closet that’s high in quality but low in price, you need to consider Modular Closets. This custom closet company offers custom-designed closets crafted out of plywood, featuring long-lasting construction details like dovetailing, durable materials, and a patented installation method designed to make your closet last for years to come.

Modular Closets allows you can pick and choose exactly what you’d like in your closet. No two closets are alike, and that’s because you get to build your very own closet from a set of vast choices. You can choose from different modules, or pieces of closets, to build a customized closet that fits into whatever space you have in your home. You can decide if you’d like drawers, increase hanging space, special components for pants, ties, belts, or sweaters, and different sizes for each module.

While pricing varies depending on the unique closet you design for your home and the materials and accessories you choose, Modular Closets does estimate about $519 for an 8-foot closet. You can rest assured that you’re getting quality no matter how much money you save on a custom closet from Modular Closets – every closet is backed by a quality guarantee.

Closet Factory

If you’ve long dreamed about a closet that’s organized and spacious, Closet Factory can help you design the custom closet that suits every one of your needs. Whether you have a walk-in, reach-in, or expansive dressing room for a closet, Closet Factory can work with your space and your needs to create a closet that’s organized and easily accessible – and it’ll make you happy.

With Closet Factory, you’re able to opt for any details you’d like, as well as any you don’t like. From hanging rods to shelving to drawers to cabinets, custom closets created by Closet Factory can be arranged and designed to specifically fit your space and whatever’s hanging in your closet. And the process begins when you work with one of the company’s closet designers. Your personal closet designer will help you choose the elements you need and want in a closet, all while working with your personal style and your budget.

Once you and your closet designer settle on a design, you’ll get a chance to add additional levels of customization. You can choose every detail down to the finish, molding, and embellishments, like ironing drawers, velvet tie cubbies, or special storage for sunglasses. And it’ll all be within whatever price range you set, as Closet Factory will design only what fits within your budget.

California Closets

Think a custom closet is out of your reach due to your budget and the limited space in your home? That won’t be anything to worry about with California Closets. This custom closet company offers solutions for every space and every homeowner, ensuring you can design the closet you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank.

California Closets pairs every customer with a complimentary design consultant who takes measurements, asks what you want, and creates a virtual 3D design of your future custom closet. After the design is finalized with every element you want or need, your closet will be custom manufactured for you using high-quality materials. And it’s finally installed by a team of professional installers, ensuring the closet is the perfect fit.

While pricing varies greatly – custom closet designs come with their own price based on the details you add or eliminate – California Closets walks you through the entire process with your lifestyle and budget at the forefront. If you need special changes or accessibility within your closet, just ask and it can be created for you.

Easy Closets

Custom closets can be expensive since they’re created solely for you, your home, and your needs – but with Easy Closets, you can actually save money and still get the perfect closet. With seasonal specials and sale events offering as much as 25 percent off the cost of a custom closet, Easy Closets brings together the perfect design and the perfect price.

Designing your new closet with Easy Closets is just like the company’s name: easy. You can either design your closet yourself using the company’s website, or you can utilize the Easy Closets free design service and work with an expert. And you don’t have to completely reinvent your closet. You can either work with the design expert on improving your current closet or designing an entirely new custom set up.

If you’re trying to stick to a budget, there’s little to worry about. As soon as you create your design, you’ll get an automatic price quote. And every piece of an Easy Closets design is backed by a lifetime warranty that covers the craftsmanship and the closet components. With the fastest turnaround time in the custom closet industry, Easy Closets can have your new custom design in your home within days.

Serenity Closets (Costco)

Custom closets can be an affordable solution – and you can actually score a great price on a custom closet by working with Serenity Closets through Costco. That’s right, your favorite warehouse store offers savings on custom closets as well as your regular household necessities. Serenity Closets offers special pricing for Costco members, giving you the opportunity to design a closet that works better for you.

Included in Serenity Closets’ custom closets are:

You can mix and match these features, as well as plenty of others. And you can create the perfect mix of storage options and accessories with the online design service, which allows Costco members to easily design a closet that fits their space and their budget right from their computers.

Your custom closet will ship from Serenity Closets within three days, and you’ll have plenty of your accessories and components arrive already put together to save you time and labor. And every Serenity Closet is made to order, using your design and specifications to ensure you’re getting everything you want.

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