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Which Hotel Websites Allow You to Book Now and Pay Later?

Although planning and booking your next vacation is exciting, it can bring a lot of uncertainty. A lot can happen between when you book your hotel room and when your departure date finally arrives. With a lot of unpredictable, unexpected changes happening around the world at any given moment, your prepaid hotel reservation could wind up costing you a lot of money you can’t get back. However, if you search online, you can find “book now, pay later” options for hotels in all kinds of vacation destinations.

Increasingly more hotels and hotel booking websites are now allowing travelers to book reservations now and pay later. This option gives you more flexibility and can even save you money. You’ll have the freedom to pay while prices are low without worrying about what might happen in the weeks and months ahead. Search online today to discover hotels that allow bookings now and payments at a later date.

The following are some of the hotels and websites that currently offer a “book now, pay later” option.


Expedia is one of the biggest names in hotel bookings. It’s where many travelers head to find low-priced hotel rooms at destinations around the world. While Expedia is already well-known for offering deals and discounts, it’s becoming a great place to book with a “book now, pay later” payment plan.

Expedia is currently allowing travelers to book hotel stays now, locking in current pricing and dates, and pay for those reservations when they arrive at the hotel. The Expedia Book Now Pay Later option means you won’t have to worry about funding your next vacation until it actually happens. Your room will be guaranteed, but you won’t be charged if you modify or don’t actually arrive for your stay.

This is fantastic for travelers who want peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about international issues, changing plans, or even potential travel disruptions. You keep your money until your vacation begins. is another big name in hotel savings and deals. Now, this hotel booking website is making it even easier to have peace of mind about your upcoming travel plans with the option to pay now or pay later on most hotel rooms.

As you browse the huge selection of hotel rooms available in different destinations on, you’ll notice that many give you the choice of paying for your room up front or at a later date. Thanks to the Price Guarantee, you can lock in your low price – and even ensure you’ll always pay the lowest price available – whether you’re paying in full when you book or when you actually arrive.

The option to book now and pay later also comes with other benefits. Most bookings offer free cancellation, allowing you to modify or cancel your booking up until a certain date. That gives you a bit more time to adjust or change your travel plans at any point.


If you’re hoping to book a stay at any IHG hotel, you have the option to take advantage of the company’s “Book Now, Pay Later” rate. It offers flexibility, gives you the opportunity to save money by taking advantage of low rates, and makes your vacations and travel plans commitment-free.

The IHG “Book Now, Pay Later” rate option allows you to book a hotel room at any IHG hotel with no deposit down. You can cancel your hotel reservation up to one day before your stay is scheduled to begin, meaning you aren’t held to any commitment. Just make sure you book your stay at least three days in advance to take advantage of this super flexible option.

IHG is offering the “Book Now, Pay Later” option through December 31, 2020.

Lodging World

Lodging World offers hotel reservation options from Las Vegas to Dubai and everywhere in between. If you’re unsure what the future holds but want to book a hotel room at a great, affordable rate right now, the Lodging World Book Now, Pay Later! option is a fantastic benefit.

The Book Now, Pay Later! program allows you to book at 95 percent of Lodging World’s 420,000 hotels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, and more without paying any money upfront. You’ll only pay for your stay once you actually arrive. Even with no money down, you’ll have a guaranteed room on your arrival date. This means you can take advantage of deals and specials right now, without committing to travel financially.

Book Now, Pay Later Options Give You More Flexibility

If you want to plan your next vacation but are unsure of whether or not you’ll be able to go, take advantage of a “book now, pay later” promotion. These unique ways to book hotel rooms give flexibility both in your finances and travel plans. They’re the perfect way to travel without making a firm, expensive commitment.

You can search online to find even more websites offering “book now, pay later” options. Search to see if your next travel destination is within your budget, all without paying a single penny.

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