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Which Jobs Tend to Hire and Start Quickly?

Gone are the days when people expected to be “lifers” at a job or company. Statistics show that a person stays in one job about four years. But this can seem like an eternity if you are bored, feel undervalued and underpaid, or crave a more positive work environment. Whatever your reason, you would like to find a job quickly and start immediately.

Knowing what jobs offer immediate hiring will help you find what you are looking for in record time. Doing a few things that will set you apart from other job seekers will help boost your confidence and decrease some job search stress too. So, here are some quick-hire jobs and hiring tips to help get you what you want.

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Immediate Hiring Jobs – No Experience Necessary

Many of the jobs listed in this article require little to no previous experience. Many businesses offer to spend their time and money to train you to do the job. This takes the guesswork and your fear of underperforming out of the equation. Much of what you learn can also be transferable to other jobs in your future.

Car and Valid Driver’s License Required

If you own a well-maintained vehicle and have an excellent driving record, there are many jobs that are desperately looking for you. Jobs that offer a delivery service are frequently looking for drivers. These positions need to be filled quickly to prevent a slowdown in their service.

Some examples include:

If a sales career is what interests you, there are many opportunities out there. Good entry level jobs will provide you with training, appointments, and guidance on how to do the job efficiently. One example is merchandiser for food, pharmaceutical, and beverage companies. Some, but certainly not all jobs require you to lift some heavy items.

Remember to keep a simple daily mileage log along with all gas and car maintenance receipts. You will use them as tax deductions on your annual income tax.


This may be the area where the quickest job hiring occurs. When a retail store is not fully staffed, the other employees must fill in the gap. So, if you love the idea of being around people, working fast, and possibly using a cash register, there are many retail opportunities. Clothing, cosmetics, general merchandise, pet supplies, hardware, department, and sports stores are just a few examples.

They hire all year. However, their busiest hiring seasons are late summer when students are returning to college and during the holiday shopping season.

Fast-Food/Restaurant Industry

Just like the retail industry, when the food industry is looking to fill a position, they want to move fast. Being down one or two employees can seriously impair their service and reputation.

Many positions in this industry do not require experience. As such, hiring managers will look for a person who has a natural energy about them.

General Labor

If you enjoy a job that requires strength and lifting, general labor positions often hire immediately.

You may want to ask what certifications, such as “Fall Safe” or WHMIS, they provide.  These are often things that companies are required to train you on as soon as you begin the job. Some of these certifications will be renewed annually. If you have them already, make sure they are listed on your resume.

Customer Service

Do you have a positive and friendly demeanor? Are you patient and calm? Do you love to solve problems? Are you a great listener and speak concisely? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you could be the perfect fit for a customer service job.

In customer service, you guide customers to solutions that will satisfy them and keep them as a customer. Even better, the experience and skillset you gain at this job will open many doors for promotion.

Work from Home/Remote Jobs

The worldwide challenges over the past year have resulted in the creation of many work-from-home or remote career opportunities. Some examples are customer service, virtual assistant, and freelance content writing.

While many of these jobs are posted on traditional job websites, there are sites that specialize in remote or work-from-home jobs. If you have a good laptop and an excellent internet connection, this type of work can offer great satisfaction and flexibility.

Entry Level Management

Did you know that many entry level management jobs require little or no experience?  These companies will train you on the job while being paid. Titles, such as Management Trainee, Assistant Management Trainee, Team Leader, Entry Level Manager, or Team Captain, can be used in your search to find these jobs.

The Secrets to Getting Hired Fast

Now that you have a list of hire-and-start-immediately jobs, the following are a few things you can do to put you at the front of the interviewing line:


Looking for work can take time and challenge one’s confidence. But the average time that a business takes to fill a job has become shorter. They know that every day that a position is vacant is a day they work harder to keep their service running well. They also know that when they meet an excellent candidate, they can lose them to someone else if they do not act fast.

Once you get yourself organized with an excellent cover letter and up-to-date resume, you can start applying for jobs that interest you and have a reputation for hiring and starting quickly. Before you know it, you will be on your way to a new job and career opportunity.