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Which Laundry Detergent Is Best for Seniors?

As you get older, the products you’ve used for years may not be as effective for you any longer. And if your laundry needs are changing, you should consider switching to a detergent that’s made for your skin’s sensitivity, your cleaning needs, and more.

If you’re looking for a laundry detergent that can effectively clean your clothes while meeting any other needs you have, check out these brands and products.

Best Without Harsh Chemicals: Tide purclean

Price: $11.99

What It’s Good For: This plant-based laundry detergent works in all kinds of washing machines and can get your clothes sparkling clean even in cold water.

While there are plenty of laundry detergents to choose from, most follow the same formula and include identical ingredients meant to get your clothes clean. However, those ingredients often include harsh chemicals, which can be a problem for seniors. As your skin ages, it becomes thinner – and it can become more of an issue if you have harsh chemicals on your skin.

Fortunately, Tide purclean is a new laundry detergent that eliminates harsh chemicals altogether. This innovative detergent is the very first bio-based detergent with the cleaning power you know and love from Tide. Tide purclean is USDA certified and made with 100 percent renewable wind power electricity. And you won’t find any dyes, chlorine, phosphates, or optical brighteners in this detergent’s formula.

Even more importantly, Tide purclean doesn’t sacrifice any of its cleaning power by going green. It can be used in both High Efficiency (HE) and regular washing machines and on all types of clothing, and your clothes will be as clean as always.

Best for Sensitive Skin: The Honest Company Multi-Enzyme Stain Fighting Laundry Detergent

Price: $12.95

What It’s Good For: This plant-derived laundry detergent can remove stains effectively without the need for any special stain removing products or additive, and it’s safe for all skin types.

As mentioned above, senior skin can become increasingly sensitive to the chemicals present in traditional laundry detergents. And if you’re living with a skin condition or have discovered that you’re allergic to many common detergents, you need to try The Honest Company’s special detergent formulated just for others like you: the Multi-Enzyme Stain Fighting Laundry Detergent.

The Honest Company’s Multi-Enzyme Stain Fighting detergent is specially formulated to be hypoallergenic, and it’s been tested by dermatologists to ensure it’s safe and gentle enough for all those with sensitive skin. Despite this, the detergent is incredible effective – none of the cleaning or stain-fighting power is dulled with the removal of harsh chemicals and strong fragrances. The Multi-Enzyme Stain Fighting laundry detergent is highly effective at removing stains, and it’s plant-derived cleaning ingredients are proven to work on stains like red wine, coffee, mud, and more.

And while those with sensitive skin often can’t tolerate detergents with scents, you’ll love the option to choose between two different scented versions that are both safe for all skin types or an unscented version. You’ll be able to enjoy that fresh, clean scent no matter what with this detergent that’s gentle yet effective.

Best for Removing Odors: Persil ProClean Power Liquid 2-in-1

Price: $24.58

What It’s Good For: This powerful liquid laundry detergent can lift stains and any strong odors right off of clothes, cleaning without damaging your garments.

As your laundry needs change over time, you might find yourself dealing with more challenging stains and some seriously strong odors. If your laundry detergent is struggling to remove odors from your clothing and is leaving behind faint scents that aren’t so fresh or clean, it’s time to consider Persil ProClean Power Liquid 2-in-1 laundry detergent. This powerful product can knock out stains and any lingering odors in every load.

Persil ProClean Power Liquid 2-in-1 is the brand’s strongest laundry detergent. It includes a special combination of Persil’s traditional detergent and Pro-Lift Technology, which is specially formulated to lift even the toughest stains off any fabric. In addition to removing stains, this detergent can whiten and brighten clothes, prevent graying and fading, rinse clean, fight odors, and offer long-lasting freshness long after the laundry is done.

Even more importantly, your clothes will get truly clean in the wash. They’ll smell fresh and even be able to be washed in cold water – this detergent rinses out easily, and it’s able to be used in washing machines of all kinds (including HE machines).

Detergent That’s Effective On All Laundry: Tide Plus Ultra Stain Release

Price: $11.99

What It’s Good For: This laundry detergent packs the right cleaning ingredients to tackle every kind of laundry and all of the usual laundry problems, from stains to sensitive skin.

If you’re looking for a laundry detergent that’s able to meet every one of your needs or handle all of your changing laundry demands, you need a product that can work in any machine, with any kind of clothing, and against all unique laundry situations. That detergent needs to fight stains and odors, rinse clean, work in all water temperatures, and so much more. And Tide Plus Ultra Stain Release can do all of that.

Ranked the very best laundry detergent in Consumer Reports’ testing, Tide Plus Ultra Stain Release packs a big punch. It can remove 99 percent of everyday stains, and it includes a special Zap! Cap that includes stain pre-treating material for tough, set-in stains. Despite this, Tide Plus Ultra Stain Release laundry detergent is gentle enough for sensitive skin and free of dyes, perfumes, and harsh chemicals like chlorine and phosphates.

And you can use this detergent in HE or regular washing machines depending on your needs. No matter which machine type you use, this is one Tide detergent that won’t leave your clothes with greasy stains or soap suds in the fibers – it’ll get your clothes truly clean, and its specially blended formula will rinse clean in hot or cold water.

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