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Which Sites Offer the Option to Book Flights Now and Pay Later?

Right now, travel is slumping. In April 2020, there was a 73.7 percent decrease in commercial flights from the year prior. While more than 2.6 travelers were flying in 2019, only 441,225 are getting on planes right now. This means that flight prices are falling, and you can score deeply discounted airfare to all kinds of international destinations. But if you’re unsure you’ll actually be able to travel in the near future, you need flexibility. Fortunately, you can search online to find airlines and airfare that offer a “book now, pay later” option.

Increasingly more airlines and airfare booking sites are starting to offer “book now, pay later” programs. These allow you to take advantage of current low prices, all without actually committing to travel by spending money upfront. Make sure to search online today, so you can find “book now, pay later” airfare to your favorite destinations.

The following websites all offer you the option to book a flight today and pay for it later on. Take advantage of their flexibility today and you could save significantly.


Expedia is already a very popular place to find affordable, budget-friendly airfare. With uncertainty surrounding air travel, Expedia is now helping travelers save even more money with a “book now, pay later” option.

Expedia has partnered with Affirm to offer customers the choice of booking airfare at current low prices without paying the cost in full at the time of purchase. Affirm is an online lender that allows you to spread out the total cost of the flight you’d like to purchase over a set number of months. When you select a flight and head to the Expedia checkout, you’ll be given the option to choose “Monthly Payments” and pay through Affirm. This option allows you to spread out your airfare total over a period of months.

Whether you’re on a budget or simply don’t want to pay for travel plans that might not actually happen, this is a great option to put off paying in full until you’re ready to fly.


Airfordable is a site dedicated to making airfare more affordable. Part of the way this site operates is with a “book now, pay later” option. No matter where you’re flying, you can purchase a flight now, locking in current pricing, and then spread your payments out over time for extra flexibility and convenience.

Once you book a flight on Airfordable, you’ll pay just a small fraction of the total cost upfront. You’ll pay the remainder by making installment payments leading up to your departure date. Once you make your last payment, you’ll get your e-ticket via email. This payment plan also comes with price protection, no hidden fees, and no credit checks. As such, it’s a great way to achieve more flexibility when you want to pay less without worrying about the future.

Alternative Airlines

Alternative Airlines is another option you can turn to if you aren’t quite ready to pay for the full price of airfare upfront, no matter how affordable it might be. This website, which allows you to search for flights with over 650 different airlines, makes it easy to find affordable airfare in no time at all. Plus, you can put off your payments.

Much like Expedia, Alternative Airlines has a partnership with Affirm. Therefore, you only have to pay a small portion of your total flight or trip cost upfront. You can spread the rest of the total out over a series of months. There are no hidden fees, and you can set up payment periods of three, six, 12, or 18 months.

Moreover, if you purchase airfare totaling up to $500, you’ll enjoy zero percent APR for the first three to six months.

American Airlines

If you have the American Airlines Credit Card, you can take advantage of a special “buy now, pay later” opportunity. Only available to cardholders of this specific American Airlines card, this financial arrangement allows you to take advantage of current low flight prices and still maintain flexibility in case you need to change or cancel your plans.

The American Airlines Credit Card offers what’s called the Fly Now payment plan. Just spend $150 or more on airfare to enjoy zero percent interest as you pay the balance within six months of booking. This gives you a longer period of time to pay off your flight and to decide if your travel plans are still feasible.

In order to qualify for the American Airlines Credit Card, you’ll just need to get through an instant online approval process. Monthly payments are low, and there’s no annual fee. Even better, you can enjoy travel perks, such as special clubs and lounges, when you purchase American Airlines flights or use the card at airports around the world.

Save Money by Booking Airfare Now and Paying Later

Even if everyone’s circumstances are uncertain as travel isn’t quite possible yet, low prices are irresistible. And that can make it difficult to wait to book airfare to far-flung locales.

Fortunately, with options like “buy now, pay later” or monthly payment plans, airlines and travel websites are making it easy to take advantage of deals without paying upfront. You can search online, compare different airfare options, and look for extended payment options. These plans can make getting ready to travel once again both more flexible and affordable.

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