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Which Travel Apps Are Actually Helpful?

Traveling is exciting, a chance to explore someplace new or a familiar favorite destination and get away from your everyday life. While it seems simultaneously glamorous and relaxing, traveling can turn into an incredibly stressful event if you aren’t prepared.

From racking up thousands of dollars in airline tickets and hotel reservations to facing new, unfamiliar languages to figuring out local transportation, there’s a lot to consider when you’re traveling. If you want to avoid the headaches travel can bring, turn to your smartphone. The following apps can help you make your next trip smooth sailing no matter where you head.


When you’re trying to traverse a new city, it can be overwhelming – especially if you’re in a huge urban setting. Instead of relying on a traditional map or the basic map app on your phone, download CityMapper. This free smartphone app is available for both iOS and Android users and combines local transit with real-time maps. CityMapper will help you walk, bike, or ride around in an Uber with tips and step-by-step guidance in any city. If you prefer public transportation, this awesome app will also offer suggestions to help you stay on the right path. It’ll tell you which trains to take, which car you should sit in, and which stops or exits you’ll need to look for once you arrive.

WiFi Map

There’s nothing worse than struggling to find a WiFi connection in an unfamiliar place. Without WiFi and a great data plan, you’ll end up spending hundreds of dollars to use your smartphone and other connected devices. With the WiFi Map app, however, connecting to the Internet is easy. The app, which is available on iOS and Android phones for free, crowdsources local WiFi hotspots near you. You’ll get the passwords you need to join public WiFi and helps you choose a secure hotspot without any frustration. You’ll never have to worry about your connection with this helpful app.


Hate trying to find a public bathroom when you need one most? Or maybe you’re worried a language barrier will prevent you from being able to ask where the nearest restroom is? SitOrSquat has you covered, no matter the situation. This free iOS and Android app is the perfect travel companion to download. Just open SitOrSquat, and you’ll know exactly where the nearest public bathroom is – and you’ll even get to check out its rating. Other SitOrSquat users who’ve used these restrooms rate each one on cleanliness, giving the cleanest options a “sit” rating and the dirtiest a “squat.” You can also see what’s in the nearest restroom, like a changing table.

Google Translate

Hands down the most helpful app for travelers headed to international destinations is Google Translate. If you don’t speak the language of the locals in a given city or country, you need Google Translate on your smartphone. This app is so much more than a simple translation app. It can translate 103 different languages from the palm of your hand, and you can download nearly 60 of those languages for easy translation when your phone is offline. You can either type text into the app and have it translated in seconds, or your can use your phone’s camera to scan signs, menus, and other items for instant translation – and it’s completely free for all iOS and Android phones.

Hotel Tonight

Although it’s common practice to book your hotel or vacation accommodations well ahead of your arrival date, sometimes things just don’t go smoothly. If you’re facing a surprise delay, layover, or unexpected cancellation and need a place to stay ASAP, you need the Hotel Tonight app. This free app is reliable and recommended by many experienced travelers, letting you book a hotel in under 10 seconds anywhere in the world. Even better, the app is designed to accommodate those in need of last-minute hotels, so it offers discounted rates. The app also provides 24/7 customer service, making sure there’s someone to talk to if things take a turn for the worse.

Download These Apps Before Your Next Adventure

Don’t let yourself get caught off guard while you’re traveling. It’s easy to be prepared for absolutely anything with the above apps, and there are plenty of other helpful additions you can download on your smartphone to make your next trip effortless and enjoyable. From hotel and vacation rental bookings, airline apps, and even local airport apps, there’s a travel app for every need just waiting in your device’s app store. Get started with these highly recommended options, and you’re ready to immerse yourself in and explore any city or country around the world.

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