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Which Water Filters Provide Clean Tasting Water?

Although water can appear and taste clean, that doesn’t mean it’s free of harmful chemicals and pollutants. According to TIME, more than 30 million Americans lived in areas where water systems violated safety rules in 2019. That’s why water filters are an essential item that people should be using to clean their water. These filters restrict contaminants and filters out germs and chemicals. If you want to learn more about water filtration and how it works, start a search online.

Not only can filters make water safe to consume, but it can also improve the smell and taste of water. You can search online to compare the different brands and types of water filters available to purchase.

Here are some of the best water filters that provide clean tasting water.

Brita Metro Water Filter Pitcher

Price: $19.99

Anyone looking for a basic and portable water filter should check out the Metro Water Pitcher by Brita. This affordable and easy-to-use pitcher is a scaled down version of a larger Brita pitcher, which is ideal for those needing a space-efficient pitcher.

This product has a six cup capacity and one standard filter included. The electronic filter indicator tells you when it’s time to replace your filter, which is about every two months or every 40 gallons.

The Metro Water Filter Pitcher is available in red, white, and turquoise.

Pelican PSE1800 Whole House Water Filtration System

Price: $1,896

This Whole House Water Filtration system from Pelican is an investment that can give your entire home excellent water quality. The system addresses sediment, chemicals, chlorine, and chloramine. It stops the negative effects of build-up by combining the benefits of whole house carbon water filter with water softener.

With this system, you can enjoy filtered water from every tap, whether it be in your kitchen or your bathroom. In addition to great tasting water, you can expect softer hair and skin after taking a shower.

The system requires no electricity and doesn’t waste water. Furthermore, you can rely on this system long term because it’s wrapped in premium stainless steel materials.

Essence Premium Quality 5-Stage Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System

Price: $195.65

For a moderately priced water filter option, check out this 5-Stage Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System from APEC Water Systems. This system removes up to 99 percent of harmful contaminants found in tap water, such as chlorine, toxic fluoride, sodium lead, and heavy metals.

This system comes with a lead-free designer faucet and five filters. Compared to smaller filters, this product delivers two times the contaminant removing capacity and fewer filter changes. Moreover, it’s easy to use and relatively maintenance free. Plus, its water saving designs automatically shut off and offer a low rinse water ratio.

PUR Classic Water Filter Pitcher Filtration System

Price: $29.99

An alternative to the classic Brita filter is this pitcher from PUR. It’s a sleekly designed product that can hold up to 11 cups of water. The easy-lid allows for a mess-free pour, while the built-in LED filter life indicator lets you know when water is safe to drink. Even better, you can wait up to two months to replace the filter.

PUR’s filter is certified to reduce two times more contaminants than Brita filter 0B03. Filtering your tap water with this product can help save the environment since one filter (around 40 gallons of water) is equivalent to 303 single-use plastic water bottles.

The PUR Classic Water Filter Pitcher Filtration System is available on Amazon in a pack of one, two, and three. You can also opt for the seven cup option if you prefer a smaller version.

Search Online to Find Water Filters

Water filters are a great way to improve the taste and quality of your drinking water. Some can be portable, while others can be manually attached to your sink faucet. Whatever type you decide to go with, it will be easy to use and worthwhile right away.

Aside from your health, filtering your water can help the environment by replacing your single-use plastic water bottles.

Search online to find a water filter that works for you. There are different types and brands to consider. Plus, shopping online allows you to easily compare how each one works. Read reviews from customers, learn how easy it is to install, and go to various websites to see where you can buy one at the best price.

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