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Why Are People Everywhere Earning a Web Design Certificate?

Earning a web design certificate gives you an introduction to a new world and a new career. At its core, a web design certificate combines technical, business, and creative skills. You’ll learn the best web design practices, debugging procedures, and other impressive knowledge. 

And if you’re looking to take the next step in your career and education, a web design certification is an excellent choice. With this certification on your resume, you’ll have career flexibility and plenty of potential.

The following are just a few of the reasons more people are choosing to earn web design certificates today. 

You Can Work in a Growing Field

As the internet grows, more and more people are choosing to focus their careers around it. Employment opportunities for web developers are expanding due to the increase of e-commerce. The explosion of mobile devices and the constant need for a fresh web presence in practically every industry also means many companies need web developers.

Since more people are entering the field, a web design certificate can give you an edge in web development. A certificate may offer better opportunities for work in the field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports web developers will see an estimated job growth rate of 15 percent by 2026. 

You’ll Enjoy Independence

Gaining autonomy in your work life is empowering. With employment independence, you can choose the type of clients you work with and how big your workload is. You can also choose what hours and what days you work. 

You can also work online, from any location. This means you won’t be tied to a particular city or country.

Web designers can also work for almost any company. If you’ve always wanted to work for a certain company or in a specific field, then a web design certificate could be the leg up you need to stand out as an applicant.

You Can Be Creative

With a web design certificate, you’ll be able to free your creativity. You’ll be creating design graphics, getting to plan and choose color schemes. 

The many creative tasks in the field will ensure that your artistic talents stay sharp. If you work on a team, you’ll also have the opportunity to receive creative inspiration from your coworkers.

With your web design certificate, you’ll also get to work with the latest technology. This is a constantly changing field, one with new tools that are emerging quickly. Today, design software is being improved and upgraded almost continuously – so you can explore new tools and avenues constantly.

If you’re the kind of person who loves learning new things, a web design career will thrive since you’ll be able to continuously improve.

There’s Potential for a Great Salary

Estimates show that the average entry-level salary for a web designer is around $58,000 while the mid-career range is about $65,000. Once you have experience, you should be earning around $74,000. Your median late career salary can increase to approximately $81,500.

Once you start considering a web design certificate, be sure to budget the cost. Keep in mind that the costs will vary based on the program that you pick. According to estimates, those who pay resident tuition for the certification will pay $5,000 to $16,000 for their education.

What’s the Best Way to Get a Web Design Certificate?

Web design certificates can be earned online or in a classroom setting. You can even do a bit of both depending on your preferences and schedule. Most web design certificates take about 10 months to 12 months to earn.

Most web design programs are taught by industry experts who are able to share their real-world experience with their students. This is an industry that changes fast, so look for a program with instructors who have recent experience in web design.

A web design certificate can help you navigate a career change, or it can be a career that you start out doing and continue to enjoy your entire life. Going into web design means that you’ll be entering a field that allows you to use your creativity and make a good living while doing it.

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