Month: May 2019

What are the Best Hearing Aid Options for Low-Income Seniors?

Although hearing loss affects people of all ages, it can be especially devastating for seniors who are no longer able to carry on a conversation with family or friends. Also, they may not be able to understand what their doctors are saying, respond to an emergency alarm, or hear their front doorbell ringing. Unfortunately, hearing…
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What are the Best Life Insurance Companies for Seniors?

The purpose of life insurance is to minimize any financial hardships that may be caused by a person’s death. Many seniors will need enough life insurance to replace their income when they die, especially if they leave a spouse or minor children behind who are dependent on the senior’s income. Other reasons a senior might…
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Where are Seniors Shopping Online for Toilet Paper?

Things are changing rapidly in the toilet paper industry. Consumer demand for luxury toilet paper is outpacing the demand for cheap toilet paper. Retailers are designing plusher, more absorbent papers to appeal to luxury shoppers. In return, many of those shoppers are turning to online retailers to get the best prices on their preferred brands.…
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Why Do Seniors Need Dental Insurance?

As people get older, it is more important than ever to maintain healthy habits with regular medical checkups. While many seniors do schedule doctor appointments, not as many make consistent visits to the dentist. This approach may save money up front, but the cost over time is rarely worthwhile. Seniors should never neglect their oral…
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How Can Seniors Get Great Tasting Water at Home?

Instead of purchasing costly bottles of water and having to lug them home every week, many seniors find it easier to switch to a home filtration system or a water delivery service, which can save you both time and money. These options are easy to install and come with responsive customer service, so you can…
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What are the 5 Best Paper Towel Brands for Seniors?

Trying to keep your house clean can involve not only effort but a huge cost. One of the most environmentally friendly ways to clean up dirty bathrooms and messy kitchen spills are rags or reusable cloth towels but laundering them on a regular basis can be a hassle — especially for seniors. Thankfully, there are…
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