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Where are Seniors Shopping Online for Toilet Paper?

Things are changing rapidly in the toilet paper industry. Consumer demand for luxury toilet paper is outpacing the demand for cheap toilet paper. Retailers are designing plusher, more absorbent papers to appeal to luxury shoppers. In return, many of those shoppers are turning to online retailers to get the best prices on their preferred brands.

Whether you’re searching for the smoothest toilet paper on the market or you just want to save money, there are a few online retailers offering toilet paper deals that you can’t afford to miss.

Why Are Seniors Buying Toilet Paper Online?

Where to Buy Toilet Paper Online


Many seniors prefer Amazon for toilet paper shopping for some good reasons:

Amazon now offers a two-hour delivery service in select areas. If you do happen to run out of toilet paper, you can wait at home for your delivery rather than rushing out to the store.


Boxed is all about buying in bulk. Seniors can find toilet paper plus many other household goods and grocery items ready for shipment on demand. There are a few reasons you should consider ordering from Boxed even if you have an Amazon Prime membership:

Boxed is the ideal place to buy toilet paper online if you prefer to place less frequent but larger orders. Seniors can order multiple products and have them all delivered at once, reducing the number of deliveries arriving at their home.


Walmart gives seniors the option to pick their online orders up in a local store or have their orders delivered. Some products are delivered in just two days, allowing this superstore to compete with Amazon. You should consider ordering your toilet paper from for the following reasons:

Walmart doesn’t offer the subscription services that you can get through Amazon so you will need to place a new order each time you need toilet paper. That makes it a bit less convenient, but you may still find the cheapest prices here at times.

How to Save on Toilet Paper

Compare Prices

Don’t wait until you need toilet paper to start shopping. You’ll end up paying more if you need to order right away to avoid running out. Give yourself the time to compare prices and wait for sales that make your toilet paper more affordable.

Use Apps

Get money back for your purchases by using services like Ibotta and Rakuten. Each service works through an app that is downloaded for free onto a mobile device. In particular, Rakuten is available through any computer.

Seniors can earn cash back on top of any savings earned directly through their online retailer. Most apps work for purchases made online or in local stores.

Combine Orders

Consider combining your online orders with neighbors or family members. That works well with sites like Boxed that require you to spend a certain amount of money to earn free shipping.

Rather than paying the shipping, you can place one order for multiple people to earn free shipping and other discounts together. Bulk order packages are also easy to split among multiple households.


Seniors who struggle to shop for themselves are now taking advantage of online shopping. That applies to toilet paper as well as many other household products that are sometimes awkward to buy in local stores and haul home.

If you know a senior who may benefit from online toilet paper shopping, but they aren’t technologically savvy, consider teaching them to place orders from the site of your choice.

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