How Can You Lower the Interest on a Business Loan?

Anytime you have a business loan, you want to make sure you get as low of an interest rate as possible. Remember that even a tenth of a percentage point can have a significant impact over the life of the loan. This is especially true if your loan is for a larger amount or has…
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Do You Know What Kind of Attorney You Need?

The American Bar Association estimates that only two percent of cases go to trial. Even if you do not want to take your case to trial, you may benefit from the guidance of a competent attorney in navigating the applicable laws. Legal issues can be time-consuming and complex, which is why non-lawyers should not attempt…
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How Can Businesses Avoid Overpaying for Payroll Services and Software?

Running a business is no easy task. With plenty of responsibilities on your to-do list, there are some tasks that just take too much time or require expertise you don’t have – and for many business owners, payroll is one such task. Managing your payroll is both complicated and difficult. In fact, it’s such a…
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