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What Are The Five Love Languages?

You might think you really know someone, but do you know their love language? Love can be expressed in a lot of different ways, but people will gravitate more towards certain kinds. By learning which kind suits you, you can build and strengthen your relationships with others.

The Five Love Languages is a book and an online quiz that determines the best way a person accepts love. If you want to improve relationships with your partner, friend or family member, learning their love language could be the best thing for you to do.

There Are Five Different Love Languages

Everyone accepts love in different ways, but certain types will stand out more from person to person. That’s because everyone has unique personalities and traits that help to determine their prefered form of love. By learning someone’s love language, you can effectively make them feel secure and appreciated by catering to those needs.

There are five different love languages:

Words Of Affirmation
A person with this love language needs to hear positive words to build them up. It doesn’t necessarily have to be “I love you” all the time, but it can be simple things. Whether it’s saying thank you when they do something helpful or giving them a compliment, people with this love language need to hear it to believe it.

Acts Of Service
A person with this love language appreciates when others choose to act out of love, not obligation. It could mean giving them a hand when they need it or letting them choose what’s for dinner. They mostly care when you do things because you want to, not because you have to.

Receiving Gifts
This type of person appreciates receiving gifts as a form of love. While this might sound materialistic, that’s not necessarily true; the gifts don’t have to be huge grand gestures. It can be something as simple as giving them a coffee during the day, lending them a book you think they’d like or leaving a surprise note somewhere around the house — thoughtful gestures for them to know you’re thinking of them.

Quality Time
This person appreciates having a loved one’s undivided attention. This could be anything like spending the whole day together or just having a good conversation without distractions for a few minutes. It’s important to take time out of busy schedules and accommodate some much-needed hangout time with this individual.

Physical Touch
It’s easy to know if physical touch is someone’s love language; they’re probably affectionate. It doesn’t have to be romantic but can also relate to family and platonic relationships. Hand holding, hugs, kisses and other forms of physical touch are simple things to make someone feel loved.

The Benefits To Learning The Love Languages

There are a lot of benefits to learning about someone’s dominant form of love, and each one can be prioritized differently. The love languages quiz is a way for you to understand which ones are the most important to remember.

It can be hard to express love and make sure the person you care about feels appreciated. Learning their love language helps remove the mystery behind what makes a person feel happy and understood. For example, you might learn that your partner would prefer to hear “I love you” more often rather than gesturing it with a hug.

The love languages are also a great tool for parents to better connect with their kids. One trick to learning your child’s preferred love language is to give them choices relating to different languages. For example, you can ask them if they would rather watch a movie together (quality time) or if they want help cleaning their room (acts of service). The more questions you ask, the easier it will be to narrow down their love languages and get to know them better.

It’s equally important to learn your own love language, too. Once you understand the ways that make you feel most appreciated, you can start to communicate that with your loved ones. Everyone is different, and taking this quiz will put you more in touch with your likes and what can make you happier.

There are love language quizzes online that are specifically curated for couples, parents, individuals, teens and other relationships. Whether you want to better understand a loved one or learn more about yourself, this is a great way for people to see that love can exist in many forms.

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