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How Can You Save Big Money on a New AC Unit?

They say timing is everything when it comes to buying products and services. Well, now is the time to get moving on purchasing a new AC unit. A little bit of research done online combined with stopping by a couple of home improvement stores should be enough to help you find of the many deals available to homeowners across the country.

With much of the nation’s temperatures expected to remain well above average at least through the end of summer, you can reap huge savings in what is now a buyer’s market for new AC units. Homeowners are receiving discounted prices for new AC units that approach 70 percent of the listed price.

Money-Saving Tips for Consumers

HomeAdvisor conducted a survey of more than 11,000 homeowners. Said survey revealed the average price for a new AC unit with installation included is $5,750. The average price also includes the cost of a licensed contractor to handle all the government regulated materials.

Five grand puts a huge dent in your home improvement budget. Fortunately, there are ways to save on a new AC unit.


The size of your house is a primary factor when determining the size of an AC unit needed. Buying an air conditioner that is too large leads to the costly cycling on and off of the unit. This process wastes money you can use to pay for other home improvement projects.

In order to avoid wasting money, think about purchasing a smaller AC unit that cools the highest traffic areas of your home.


Manufacturers offer a wide variety of rebates to attract customers. On top of those savings, you should look out for generous rebates offered by your state government. A growing number of states reward residents that purchase energy-efficient AC units by offering rebates.

For example, Iowa offers residents financial incentives to install energy-efficient HVAC systems.

Price Shop Online

Many manufacturers offer savings through exclusive online deals. You can search company websites for cost-saving deals and read customer reviews left on reputable sites such as Angie’s List and Consumer Reports. In addition, price shop for a new AC unit in person by reviewing the listed prices of the units on display at your local home improvement store.

Above all, remember to consider the cost savings over the course of several years. While a new energy-efficient unit might cost you a few hundred dollars more upfront, the savings earned through lower utility bills can turn your investment into a money-saving strategy.

Deals on AC Units

Ensue 8000 BTU 4-in-1 Air Conditioner Remote Dehumidifier Cooler, with Vent Kit

At the current list price of $269.95, the Ensue 4-in-1 is more than $500 cheaper than the original list price of $799.95.

The Ensue 4-in-1 provides cool comfort in any area up to 250 square feet. The best part of this AC unit is it not only cools large rooms, it also purifies the air it cools., set the unit to dehumidifier mode to remove excess moisture in any room. Moreover, the permanent mesh filter is easy to wash and reuse to deliver optimal cooling efficiency.

The current list price of $269.95 makes now the best time to purchase the Ensue 4-in-1 AC unit. Considering the demand for AC units continues to surge, don’t expect this incredibly low price to last much longer.

Mini Portable Air Conditioner Cooling for Bedroom Cooler Fan Cooling Fan for Room

It is not just larger AC units that deliver lower than average prices. The Mini Portable Air Conditioner recently hit a new low of $51.99. That’s just over a 70 percent decrease from its original list price of $181.97. Homeowners that want to cool smaller rooms should get in on this great price before the summer ends.

Ice curtain refrigeration technology quickly cools small areas, all while producing cleaner air to enhance respiratory health. The easy to adjust three-gear wind speed system allows you to adapt to changing room temperatures. Even better, adding water does not require you to remove the water tank, and the brushless motor hums without making much noise.

Best Choice Products 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Cooling & Heating Unit w/ Remote Control

Investing in a large AC unit requires a discipline that if carried out, gets rewarded when you discover the cost savings associated with the Best Choice Products 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. Originally listed at $733.99, this monster AC unit now goes for 40 percent less at $439.99.

This AC unit comes with four modes. Chief among them is the dehumidifier mode. This mode does a great job of removing mold, mildew, and other types of harmful allergens. Installed for large areas, the AC unit is simple to maintain by following the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines. Thanks to the provided remote, you can change the temperature of your house from another room.

Don’t expect to pay less for a unit that can cool a space measuring as large as 650 square feet.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing a new AC unit typically involves setting aside hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Fortunately, it is a buyer’s market for new AC units as manufacturers offer savings of up to 70 percent.

Whether you want to lower the temperature of a small room or keep a large entertainment space comfortably cool for guests, retailers such as Wal Mart have what you need to meet your home cooling needs.

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