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I’m Planning a Trip to Europe. What Cities Should I Visit and Why?

Visiting Europe is often a bucket-list item for travelers from around the world. While heading to Europe is an obvious choice, choosing where to visit in Europe is a much harder decision.

There are many countries and cities worth exploring, and ultimately the best itinerary will be the one that best suits your budget, your style and your passions. However, there are some cities that are widely ranked as some of the best in Europe for travelers. Take a look at the top picks for 2018, and then dig deeper to explore some up-and-coming destinations just right for 2019 travel.

Tallinn, Estonia

London, England

Bilbao, Spain

Prague, Czech Republic

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This list captures just a few of the top cities worth exploring. As you start planning ahead to 2019, add some up-and-coming destinations to your itinerary. Wroclaw in Poland and Bohinj in Slovenia are increasing in popularity, but they are still culturally rich and affordable spots you won’t want to miss.

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