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What Are the 5 Best Toilet Paper Brands?

Toilet paper is not something most of us choose to openly talk about; however, many of us probably have quite a strong opinion about what brand is the best for our bottom. The competition between the many brands has always been fierce, and the biggest manufacturers just keep improving their products. For those of us who care about quality then this is certainly good news because this means that you can always look forward to getting a better roll of toilet paper.

According to Consumer Reports, the number of sheets per roll can vary significantly among brands — they suggest to make sure you’re checking the number of square feet per package to make sure you are getting more bang for your buck. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best toilet paper brands to help you get on a roll and choose the strongest and softest bathroom tissue.

1. Aria Premium

Look no further if you want toilet paper that can clean up large and small messes. Aria Premium can be described in three words: strong, soft, and effective. It also can fulfill the needs of your entire family because it’s appreciably thick and somewhat larger than most brands. Each roll has 308 sheets, and the two-ply tissue is indeed biodegradable. Thanks to the sustainable manufacturing, you can flush Aria Premium down the toilet without worrying about the hurting the environment — this brand is safe for both sewer and septic systems.

Moreover, the cheapest pack available is going to cost you at least $16, but it offers excellent value for your money because it’s a quality product that is both thick and ultra-absorbent — it’s a real treat for your bottom.  Most consumers agree that Aria Premium is a great buy, considering it cleans up well without tearing or leaving behind lint.

2. Quilted Northern Ultra Plush

It’s smooth, silky, and highly comfortable to use. If you enjoy cleaning yourself with two-ply tissue, you’ll find Quilted Northern to be a clear upgrade because this brand has three absorbent layers that will leave you feeling fresh and clean. Also, each sheet is made of a super-soft material, so you can wipe your sensitive areas as much as you need to, and you won’t feel any irritation. With that said, there’s no doubt that Quilted Northern deserves the top marks that it’s getting. The embossed pattern definitely contributes to its uniqueness.

This brand is 100 percent biodegradable; even if you flush a lot of the tissue down the toilet, your septic or sewer system won’t take on any damage. A 12-double roll, three-ply pack retails for about $25.00. This brand also comes in a 4-in-1 mega roll that is four times bigger but offers the same quilted design and softness at a cost of about $28.00. Overall, most consumers give Quilted Northern two thumbs up. What customers like most, is the fact that the larger rolls help save money, and the three layers are perfect for children’s sensitive skin.

3. Great Value Ultra Soft

When you choose Great Value Ultra Soft, you’re doing yourself a huge favor because you’re going to get a bigger bang for your buck every time. This is why this brand competes with Charmin and other popular brands. The two smooth layers that make up the tissue ensure a pleasant experience. On top of that, the layers are really absorbent. This means you can wipe up a big mess without using half of the roll, which contains approximately 165 sheets.

Great Value Ultra Soft does well with sewer and septic systems because it disintegrates easily. After factoring in the quality and the size of the rolls, the consensus is that $10 is a fair price for this toilet paper. Furthermore, there’s a slight trade-off between softness and strength. Consumers report that the toilet paper is less effective when wet, but it’s still a good product that can serve your purpose in the bathroom.

4. Charmin Essentials Soft

As its name implies, Charmin Essentials Soft has a smooth texture that will feel awesome on your skin. Whether you’re wiping your bottom or cleaning your nose, you can depend on this toilet paper to do an awesome job. To your delight, it’s a suitable choice for septic and sewer systems. This is largely why Roto-Rooter, a renowned plumbing company, approves of Charmin Essentials Soft.

For $15, you can purchase a pack that contains 20 huge rolls. If you consider this to be a good deal, you wouldn’t be wrong since Charmin Essentials Soft is unquestionably durable. Each roll has 200 sheets; all of which are thick, plush, and absorbent. Consumers like the fact that it doesn’t leave lint on their skin or clog up plumbing pipes.

5. Scott Comfort Plus

This is a dependable brand that lives up to consumers’ standards. If you want toilet paper that’s thick and plush, chances are you won’t regret forking out $20 for the brand Scott Comfort Plus. The large rolls have absorbent sheets that can surely get rid of messes without disintegrating. Since the sheets are unscented, they don’t contain any unnecessary chemicals that can be problematic for men and women.

If you’re wondering, Scott Comfort Plus is widely sought after because it can be used by adults and children who have all sorts of skin problems. That’s why you can be confident that no irritation will occur when you wipe the most sensitive parts on your body. Consumers compare this toilet paper to Angel Soft and other leading brands, such as Charmin. Because Scott Comfort Plus is designed to be economical and reliable, you can easily make it a staple product in your home.

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